Earthquake in Turkey: eleven days later, a 17-year-old girl miraculously saved

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Peta sends animal fur coats to victims

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria Peta sends animal fur coats

The girl had been buried under the rubble of her apartment building in Kahramanmaras, southern Turkey, for 248 hours. At the time of the rescue, she was conscious and was able to close and open her eyes following the instructions of medical teams, a rescuer told AFP. In tears, her uncle embraced one by one the volunteers who rescued her from the rubble. “We were so happy. Seeing the joy of the family is incomparable”said Ismail, a first aider.

According to images shot by the American channel NBC News, the young girl was freed from between the rubble, placed on a drip and transported on a stretcher to an ambulance, wrapped in a survival blanket. She was then flown to Ankara, the Turkish capital.

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