Earthquake in Turkey: the Avalanche Foundation (AVAX) donates 1 million dollars for the victims

Crypto donations are pouring in – A Monday, February 6, which will remain etched in Turkish and Syrian memories by the scale of the disaster. A series of successive tremors that claimed tens of thousands of victims. As for Ukraine in early 2022, donations are pouring in from all over the crypto sphere. Avalanche teams are doing their part.


Crypto to the aid of Turkish and Syrian victims

Monday, February 6, 4:17 a.m. An earthquake of magnitude 7.8 on the Richter scale surprises the sleeping Turkish population. It will be followed by very powerful aftershocks, one of which is magnitude 7.5. An unprecedented drama in Turkey since 1999 and for more than 200 years in this specific area, close to the Syrian border.

Turkey, in the grip of a series of shocks of a rare magnitude, sees crypto donations pouring in to help the thousands of victims.
Earthquake of rare magnitude in the eastern Anatolia fault, the last in this area dates back to 1822 – Source:

The crypto sector has already demonstrated its efficiency and responsiveness at the start of the conflict in Ukraine. Bringing in donations at lightning speed and almost ridiculing the traditional vectors in passing. Today, donations are flowing to Turkey. Binance has announced its intention to distribute $5 million to its Turkish and Syrian users. Aid comes from many actors such as bitget And Bitfinex for a total of more than $9 million donation pledges.

Following this outpouring of generosity, the Avalanche teams also announce that they will contribute up to $1 million.

“The Avalanche Foundation has donated $1 million in AVAX tokens to aid relief efforts organized by Haluk Levent [chanteur turc] following the earthquake that affected Turkey and Syria. We encourage everyone to join the effort. »

Avalanche teams announce on Twitter a crypto donation of 1 million dollars for the victims of the earthquake.
Avalanche announces $1 million donation to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria – Source: Twitter

Whatever one may say, the generosity of the crypto sector is an integral part of its DNA. Blockchain technology is innovative in this sense by the immediacy it brings to the transfer of value. The sector’s contributions are numerous for causes with high stakes such as those carried by Toulouse Cancer Foundation Or ASMAE who fights for the protection of children. Donations that also contribute in a way to the democratization of this technology by highlighting its relevance and effectiveness. Without an intermediary, everything goes much faster.

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