Emmanuel Macron in Africa: “The open looting of the DRC must stop”

Emmanuel Macron in Africa: "The open looting of the DRC must stop"

Emmanuel Macron in Africa The open looting of the DRC

The DRC accuses Rwanda of supporting the M23 rebellion. Charges corroborated by UN experts, even if Rwanda denies it. France, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, condemned this support. But Kinshasa considers that this is not enough and calls for sanctions. Everyone must “take responsibility, including Rwanda”launched Emmanuel Macron, who prefers to stick to a peace plan. “We denounce, we condemn, there is a process that is moving forward.”

“I prefer to trust”but if Rwanda “does not respect (the proposed de-escalation plan), so yes, there must be sanctions”, however, underlined the Head of State. Felix Tshisekedi, was more doubtful. “Can Rwanda do without this looting?”he asked. “If this is not the case, I will check Emmanuel Macron’s commitments in relation to the sanctions.”

The French president also provided strong support for the diplomatic initiatives launched to try to resolve the crisis, in particular that led by Angolan President Joao Lourenço, whom he met the day before. During discussions with Presidents Lourenço and Tshisekedi, as well as with Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Emmanuel Macron indicated that he had noticed that all had “provided clear support” to a ceasefire next Tuesday, as planned in “the timeline”.

M23 representatives “who went to see President Lourenço” are also committed to this, added the President. Ceasefires have been announced several times in recent months, but have never been respected. “I ask to see”said Felix Tshisekedi. “We give peace a chance.”

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