Ensure a job interview

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After all those hours spent browsing the classifieds, filling out online forms, sending resumes and cover letters, you FINALLY get a call for a job interview. YES!

But beware ! To avoid blunders and shine on D-Day, all you need is this selection of the best tips to perform at your job interview. Go champ! Ready for the final sprint? Let’s go !

A job interview is not an exam, but it still requires preparation. For example, you will have to do research on the company, understand their recruitment needs, find out about the skills required, etc.

The key for a successful job interview is to stay confident, positive and motivated! We’ll have to sell you and communicate about your skills in the workplace and your qualifications for the position.

1. Plan ahead

Review the questions most often asked during job interviews. Your answers should be specific and concise. Use concrete examples that highlight your skills and support your CV.

Having the best answers is good, but you will also have to listen carefully to your recruiter. You know, listening well is almost responding!

We also advise you to prepare a short list of questions to ask your future employer. At the end of the interview, you will surely be asked if you have any questions or comments. Ideally, you should have at least one or two to show your interest in the organization.

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2. Research the company

The history of the company, its mission, its values, its culture and its recent activities, should have no secrets for you. You will find all this information on the company’s website or on its social media pages.

To that, you add a little Google search to find out about the e-reputation of your future employer and that way you will have answered the question.

3. Connect with the employer

If that’s not a great way to showcase your communication skills! By establishing a link with the employer, you can increase your chances of being hired. Recruiters tend to hire candidates who best fit the culture of the company.

4. Leave nothing to chance

Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out what you’re going to wear. Choose a neat look that is appropriate to the company’s dress code. Remember to print several copies of your CV and provide a notepad and a pen.

5. Be early

You should arrive about 30 minutes before the appointment time. This will allow you to anticipate setbacks (traffic jams, transport, etc.)

Once there, do not enter immediately. Take the time to make a final readjustment (hair, make-up, …) and give yourself a little pep talk, you deserve it! If you show up for the interview 5 to 10 minutes early, you’re on top!

Good luck !

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