Essentials for a Thanksgiving meal

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Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by Americans every year on the fourth Thursday of November.

The first Thanksgiving dates back to November 26, 1620.

This holiday is symbolic for Americans and rooted in their traditions for 400 years now.

Thanksgiving: what is it?

Thanksgiving is a holiday when Americans pray and thank the divine for the harvests and blessings of the past year. Today, Thanksgiving is above all a time of conviviality and sharing where American families traditionally gather around a dinner.

On a Thanksgiving table, in addition to the famous stuffed turkey, traditional dishes are mainly served: sweet potato fries, mashed sweet potatoes, cranberries, cornbread or corn bread, corn on the cob, without forget the pumpkin pie or pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving is indeed a veritable institution in the United States!

Focus on this tradition!

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The origin of Thanksgiving

The origin of Thanksgiving, which can be translated as “thanksgiving”, dates back to the 17th century when the first pilgrims arrived in the new world. They were well received by Native Americans and as a thank you, the founding fathers of the United States threw a feast bringing wild turkeys. Since then, this tradition has remained rooted in American culture.

Through this day of thanksgiving, the founding fathers of the United States thanked God for the fertility of the land, the abundance of the harvests and the precious help of the Indians.

The essential dishes of a successful traditional Thanksgiving meal

On the menu of the festivities, we find:

The turkey: The star of Thanksgiving

The famous turkey is the traditional dish of Thanksgiving. A must-have that imposes itself on all American tables.

A Thanksgiving-worthy turkey is prepared the night before for tender, juicy meat. Traditionally stuffed, it is baked and served seasoned with cranberry sauce or gravy sauce. The turkey is the symbol of Thanksgiving. It is truly inconceivable to celebrate Thanksgiving without a turkey.

Turkey stuffing or turkey stuffing

Stuffing is another essential part of the Thanksgiving meal.

It is a mixture of croutons of bread or stale bread, vegetables and spices with which the turkey is stuffed. If there is any left, we take it as an accompaniment.

You can use other foods to vary the stuffing: minced meat, eggs, onions, parsley, corn, nuts…

Cranberry sauce or gravy sauce

Two essentials that can be found on all American tables.

The famous sauce made from fresh cranberries, cranberries or cranberries is a kind of relish that goes wonderfully with turkey and gives it a sweet and salty taste. It is often flavored with cinnamon, squeezed orange juice, lemon zest or maple syrup.

Gravy sauce is a brown sauce made from the cooking fat of turkey that can also accompany Thanksgiving turkey.

Cornbread: American corn bread

Cornbread or American corn bread is also part of the traditional meal and a staple of Thanksgiving.

Cornbread is a specialty that invites itself to all American tables as an original accompaniment to turkey.

Baked or steamed, cornbread can be served hot fresh from the oven or warm, as a dish to accompany the famous turkey.

Easy to prepare, cornbread is made from cornmeal, flour, baking powder, egg and buttermilk.

It is prepared in different ways: It can be sweet with honey or salty.

Moist and slightly sweet, cornbread is more cake than bread.

This is a very popular Native American recipe in the southeastern United States.

Sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries are slightly sweet.

These country potatoes are sweet potatoes with spices, roasted in the oven.

Mashed sweet potatoes: a sweet and typical accompaniment

Sweet potato is a food that can be found in different preparations in American cuisine.

In addition to fries, sweet potatoes can also be used to prepare a delicious mash.

Like stuffed turkey, cornbread and cranberry sauce, mashed sweet potatoes are an integral part of any traditional Thanksgiving meal.

It is a creamy puree with a sweet taste that goes perfectly with stuffed turkey flavored with herbs and spices. An easy, simple and economical recipe that will delight your guests!

If you don’t like mashed sweet potato, you can replace it with pumpkin with chestnuts and onions.

Accompanying turkey with mashed sweet potatoes is a tradition that dates back to the late 1700s. This is why Americans cannot imagine celebrating Thanksgiving without this famous mashed potatoes.

Grilled corn cobs

Grilled corn on the cob: a staple that can also be found on every table during a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Grilled corn cobs are served hot with fresh butter, sprinkled with salt, pepper and spices for those who wish.

Pumpkin pie or pumpkin pie

To end your Thanksgiving family meal in style, the pumpkin pie or pumpkin pie is the essential dessert typical of the USA!

This creamy pie with a sweet spiced squash flavor and good shortcrust pastry is a staple that Americans love.

Tasting a pumpkin pie is another way to taste differently a vegetable rarely cooked these days!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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