Ethereum: 22,000 dormant ETH wake up the crypto community

True or false signals? Large Ether moves challenge the community, as ETH whales seem to have an appetite recently, buying the fear of novice investors in the markets.

Thousands of dormant ethers in motion: the community’s hypotheses

In a December 19 tweet, the blockchain security firm peck shield reported the transfer of 22,982 ETH, with an approximate value of 27.2 million euros, which come from “2 dormant addresses”, to 2 other “fresh addresses”. The last movement of the addresses from which the transfers started, dates back to about four years ago, in October 2018.

Peckshield also shared a graphic, which shows the route of the ethers over time, moving from trading platforms to new addresses. The company clarified that these cryptos come from Genesis and Poloniex.

Awakening dormant ethers
Publication by Peckshield – Source: Twitter

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Surprising ETH transactions in the middle of the crypto winter

What do these transactions mean in the current context, with an enduring crypto winter? Are these movements likely to positively or negatively impact the price of Ether? Some tweeters believe that these ethers will be used instead as guaranteewhile others refer to the project Core DAO in the comments reacting to Peckshield’s post.

On its site, the Core DAO white paper noted that Core is a new blockchain working with a new consensus mechanism, the Satoshi Plus.

The latter is supposed to take advantage of the benefits of proof of work and delegated proof of stake, to maximize the security, scalability, and decentralization of the blockchain. On December 17, Core DAO announced the imminent launch of Core’s mainnet on its Medium.

The markets are on the lookout for positive or negative signals during this bear market, trying to identify the event that could lead a cryptocurrency to a possible bottom that has not yet been reached, or to interpret a signal of a bullish recovery. possibly sustainable. The awakening of these dormant ETH could as well have on the price of ether, as being a false alarm that will have tickled the curiosity of the crypto community.

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