Euler Finance Hack: 100 ETH sent to Lazarus

Tweet from Lookonchain that reveals the potential link between the hacker and lazarus

Confusion reigns after Euler Finance hack – The recent protocol attack Challenge Euler Finance raises questions after interactions between addresses linked to the hack and those associated with the Axie Infinity Ronin Bridge hack were observed.

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Hack Euler: mysterious interactions of the hacker with Lazarus

The protocol Euler Finance was the target of a major hack on March 13. Indeed, the attacker managed to steal nearly 200 million dollars. This makes this the biggest hack of 2023 so far.

According to the on-chain data observed by Look on Chain, an address controlled by the entity that used the Euler Finance protocol sent 100ETH ($170,515) to a portfolio linked to the Lazarus group.

Tweet from Lookonchain that reveals the potential link between the hacker and lazarus
Lookonchain unveils the transaction – Source: Twitter

As a reminder, Lazarus is the North Korean hacker group responsible for hacking Axie Infinity’s Ronin Network last year.

It is not clear if the Lazarus group is also behind the attack or if there is any affiliation with the Euler Finance hacker.

The United States Treasury Department added the Lazarus group to its blacklist in April. In January, the FBI said the Lazarus Group and another team of North Korean hackers were responsible for the theft of $100 Million in Crypto Assets at Horizon Bridge.

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