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According to the website “73% of French people wake up at least once a night, for an average of 30 minutes”. Young or old, we have all had broken nights that impact our attention during the day.

To help you sleep soundly, let’s find out together what’s ruining your sleep and how to preserve your sleep.

Sleep disorders: Késako?

There are 2 types of sleep disorders: dyssomnias and parasomnias.


Directly related to our mental state (sadness, stress, etc.), these disorders cause insomnia during the onset or maintenance of sleep, and consequently, early awakening.

Dyssomnias include sleep disorders related to alcohol, excessive coffee consumption or taking certain medications.

HEYME wellness package


These are sleep disorders mainly related to small awakenings without significant impairment of attention during the day. Often associated with the childhood of the individual, these disorders persist until adulthood while retaining a pathological aspect. We distinguish :

  • Sleepwalking (walking around while sleeping)
  • Disorders associated with REM sleep (the phase of remembered dreams)
  • Nocturnal bruxism (unconscious clenching of the jaw)
  • Nocturnal enuresis (involuntary urination during sleep)
  • The night terrors

Other disorders may be linked to various pathologies, such as sleep apnea, corresponding to involuntary cessation of breathing during sleep, or even the use of technological devices in the evenings.

Better sleep: best practices

Although each case requires a precise medical diagnosis, these few tips will help you “on a daily basis”.

  • Create a sleeping habit and determine bedtime and wake-up times, even on weekends! This will allow you to regulate your internal clock and help you sleep peacefully.
  • Just before going to bed, do a relaxing activity. Doing yoga, reading a good novel or even listening to relaxing music will soothe your mind and contribute to the quality of your sleep.
  • Avoid afternoon naps. These breaks might help you get through the day and “keep the fish going”, but if you’re finding it difficult to sleep, it’s best to banish them and try to form a new habit (as mentioned in the first tip ).
  • Do light physical exercises during the day. This will allow you to be more relaxed and ready to fall asleep peacefully at night.
  • Make sure your bedroom is free of any noise or light sources that could interrupt your sleep. Also, make sure you have comfortable mattresses and pillows.
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and heavy meals in the evenings. They may disturb your sleep.

Last tip : in case of complex sleep disorders, we recommend that you consult your doctor. A healthcare professional will be able to diagnose the sleeping habits that you have unconsciously created and will tell you about the most appropriate solutions.

The HEYME wellness package

With the Wellness Pack, HEYME gives you a boost to help you take care of yourself!

Because sport, alternative medicine, nutrition, dietetics, psychological listening and prevention are essential for well-being, HEYME takes care of you physically and mentally by reimbursing you €150 of packages for only €4.5 /month.

Sports package

A key player in health and well-being among young people, HEYME reimburses your sporting activity up to a maximum of €30/year for membership of:

  • A sports club
  • A sports association
  • A gym
  • A sporting event

Alternative medicine package

Because the health and well-being of young people are among its priorities, HEYME offers an alternative medicine package for a consultation in osteopathy, sophrology, acupuncture, kinesiology, therapeutic hypnosis, chiropractic or etiopathy and a psychological consultation package for €40/year, limited to 2 consultations of €20/year each.

Health and well-being prevention package up to €80 per year

Aware that the daily life of young people goes far beyond medical appointments, HEYME offers you the health and well-being prevention package up to 80€/year. This package includes:

  • the package helps to quit smoking: nicotine substitute, patch, gum, lozenge up to €30/year;
  • the parapharmacy body care package: massage oil, clay, tape, strapping… up to €20/year;
  • the dietary and nutritional package, innovative coaching with OVIVA: 1 teleconsultation and 2 weeks of ultra-personalized follow-up up to €30/year.

Your well-being with the health pack at only €4.5/month!

👉 HEYME wellness package

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