Fighter planes, “historic” arrest warrant against Putin… Update on the situation in Ukraine

MiG-29s for kyiv, the interception of the American drone filmed ... update on the situation in Ukraine

MiG 29s for kyiv the interception of the American drone filmed

Putin will receive Xi Jinping. Moscow and Beijing have announced Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia from March 20-22. During this meeting, the two Heads of State will sign a joint declaration to deepen their “strategic relationship entering a new era”, according to the statements of the diplomatic adviser of the Kremlin. Quoted by the Russian press agencies, Yuri Ouchakova took the opportunity to salute the “detention” from Beijing over the invasion of Ukraine, an issue on which China is presenting itself as a mediator.

A position undermined by the attitude of China and its proximity to Moscow. The day before, the Chinese foreign minister had urged kyiv and Moscow to a ceasefire. A call immediately sanctioned by the United States, according to which it amounts to consolidating Russian advances and giving the Kremlin a chance to prepare a new offensive. Washington also suspects China of considering arms deliveries to Russia.

Deliveries of fighter aircraft to Ukraine. If Beijing denies wanting to deliver arms to Moscow, Europe continues to arm Ukraine. After Poland, Slovakia has announced that it will in turn deliver 13 MiG-29s. They add to a “first batch” of four other hunters of the same model, promised by Warsaw the day before. These deliveries “will help us effectively defend our skies”, welcomed the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksiï Reznikov, in a message of thanks to Slovakia published on Twitter. “An aeronautical coalition is being formed!”. To this announcement, the Kremlin reacted as usual, saying that the devices would be “destroyed”.

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