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HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

The summer season is an opportunity to forget the stress of exams, to decompress, to party… but it is also an opportunity, for most of the students, to get a summer job.

Seasonal employment makes it possible to finance one’s studies and to acquire professional experience.

Here are some tips to help you land a summer job that will meet your expectations.

Summer job: identify your skills

Take stock of your strengths before you start looking for a seasonal job.

In this way, you will be able to target the jobs that suit you best and where you will feel most comfortable. It will also make it easier to write your CV.

Ask yourself the right questions

After listing your areas of expertise, you can look at the crucial questions that will help guide your job search.

Among the most relevant:

  • Is this summer job an experience that will serve you in your professional career or is it simply an opportunity to earn money?
  • What is the remuneration or salary you expect?
  • Would you accept geographical distance?
  • What period do you want to commit to?
  • What are your availabilities and hours?

HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

Seasonal job, what search mode?

For seasonal work that meets your expectations, you have to plan ahead.

By starting your search between January and February, you maximize your chances since some companies start their recruitment campaigns at this time.

You can use different methods and channels to find the right summer job:

  • Ask those around you

Ask your parents, family members, neighbors or close friends who in turn will use their networks and can recommend you to companies looking for interns or seasonal workers.

  • Scan the classifieds

Large surfaces, small traders or local craftsmen do not hesitate to post their advertisements according to their needs and activities.

The opportunity for you to land your first CDD or interim.

  • Consult specialized sites

If you are more into technology, there are several specialized sites on the net that offer special summer job offers.

On employment centeryou will have access to available seasonal job offers listed according to different criteria (sector of activity, location, type of contract) with the possibility of creating your personal space and applying online.

  • Scrutinize social networks

Social networks can also act as recruitment platforms! Companies do not hesitate to recruit their future employees on the internet.

The objective is to maintain your image and increase the visibility of your profile in order to attract the attention of recruiters. Do not post incorrect information, recruiters will not hesitate to check your content.

Take care of your CV and cover letter

A neat CV and cover letter will allow you to make a difference with recruiters.

On your CV, you will highlight your academic background, you will value your associative experiences, you will display your skills (linguistic or technical) and you will detail your centers of interest, your passions and hobbies.

You will adapt the content of your cover letter according to the employer and the job offer.

You will detail on one page the reasons that led you to apply and why you think you are the ideal candidate for this job.

If you lack inspiration or wish to be assisted, you can find help on Youth info. You will find workshops that will allow you to improve the writing of your CV and lots of other practical advice.

The final step: the job interview

Did you manage to capture the attention of the recruiter and land a job interview?

You can now focus on your presentation by highlighting everything you mentioned in your CV.

Do not hesitate to ask those around you to do a simulation of your job interview. This is an opportunity to refine your speech by adopting a serious and determined posture.

On D-Day, don’t forget to arrive earlier than the scheduled time with your CV, to show your determination and your ambition.

A cordial handshake, a genuine smile, a positive state of mind and you’re ready to land a summer job!

Are you starting a little job? Great ! This is an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the professional world but also to make sure you are covered by an effective guarantee in the event of a problem!

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HEYME civil liability insurance

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Your contract takes effect upon subscription and you receive your certificate immediately by email.

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