Finding a summer job: the steps to follow

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Summer is coming and so are odd jobs! In principle, a summer job does not require advanced skills, but a minimum of preparation is required. To find the job that best suits you, first take stock of your skills.

Establish a skills assessment

To find the job that best suits you, first take stock of your skills. The objective is to clearly answer questions such as:

  • What more will I bring to my future employer?
  • What are my skills ?
  • What type of work did I do, whether paid or voluntary?
  • What know-how did I acquire at school or university that could be useful in my summer job?

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Write a professional CV

Your CV must contain the elements that trace your career path. Your training, your experiences, your hobbies… With a concrete CV, you increase your chances of finding a good summer job.

Don’t forget to write a cover letter that explains your interest in this job. You can take inspiration from an online template and customize it. A recruiter receives dozens or even hundreds of applications so try to stand out!

Start looking for your summer job

Talk to those around you. Your parents, friends or acquaintances can guide you in your project.

Also consult the offers of local newspapers, regularly search on online recruitment sites or on LinkedIn and Viadeo. You can even create alerts to receive the latest offers.

Take care of your social networks

Some employers scrutinize the profiles of future candidates during the hiring process.

Make sure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profiles don’t contain anything inappropriate.

Prepare for your job interviews

Do a simulation of your interview to become aware of what you already master and what you still have to improve.

To make a good impression, be sure to:

  • Don’t forget your CV
  • Arrive a little earlier than the scheduled interview time
  • Take care of your look
  • Move away from any source of distraction (smartphone, etc.).

When greeting your employer, give a firm handshake by making eye contact.

During the interview, stay confident, positive, humble and take your time answering questions. After the interview, send a thank you email emphasizing your motivation.

Become a micro-entrepreneur

What if you created your chance instead of looking for it? You can think outside the box and create your own summer job by becoming a micro-entrepreneur!

Babysitting, lawn mowing, cleaning, delivery… There is no shortage of activities to generate your first income. In a few months, you can develop your commercial sense and sell products or services!

If the adventure tempts you, consult this link and start the first steps.

Good luck !

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