Fire cutter, a mysterious gift!

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In France, there are approximately 6,000 active fire cutters. Some work from home, while others work in dedicated offices.

This mysterious practice would be able to soothe intense pains, discomforts and burns, by a simple laying on of hands. The fire cutter or coxswain manipulates the energies of the body to help suffering people overcome their pain.

Is it a gift or a technique? How effective is it and what does the science say? We explain everything to you.

HEYME Wellness Package Insurance

How does a healer or fire cutter work?

In the idea, the cutter of fire sends a restorative energy which eliminates the pains in a few minutes.

To transmit this energy, fire cutters rely on the strength of their thoughts, on prayers or on the position of their hands. They generally treat reddened and scalded skin, but also intervene to relieve burns caused by radiotherapy or the painful effects of chemotherapy.

The fire cutter lays his hand on or above the burned area, reciting specific prayers. He will then feel more or less excessive heat depending on the intensity of the burn. The fire helmsman will continue in this way until he has a feeling of inner coldness, which means that the heat has gone out of the patient’s body. The healer can thus pass his hand under cold water or drink water to evacuate the captured heat.

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The fire cutter, a gift or rather a technique?

Innate or transmitted from father to son, this practice consists of sucking up the burns of the patient and soothing his pain. To date, there is no scientific evidence on its effectiveness. However, the testimonials and stories of people who have benefited from it, confirm a more or less rapid relief, depending on the intensity of the burn and whether it is recent or old.

The doctors meanwhile are divided over the fire cutters. Some consider that the practice has no harmful effect on the health of patients and that they can still experience it if it gives them the desired relief, while others refuse this kind of practice and doubt their miraculous actions.

Is recovery guaranteed?

Fire cutters do not guarantee total healing, but mainly intervene to soothe the pain of burns. The patient can feel a partial or total improvement, over a longer or shorter period. It depends on the case and the nature of the pain.

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