First real estate rental: what you need to know

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As part of your studies, you often have to go and live in a new city and leave your family cocoon. Before renting your first student accommodation, let’s see together what you need to know.

housing assistance

As a student, you can benefit from housing assistance. Part of your rent will then be returned to you by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales.

To qualify for housing assistance, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You are listed on the lease
  • You live in France
  • The lessor is not one of your parents, your grandparents, nor that of your spouse.

The amount of assistance varies according to the rent, your personal situation, your financial resources and those of the people who live in your household. You can simulate the amount of your housing assistance on the website of the Coffee.

You can also get information from local authorities (town hall, local mission, department, etc.) and your school. They can help you with installation.

The rental file

To put the odds on your side, present a complete file with supporting documents. The parts you will always be asked for:

  • A photocopy of your ID
  • Your last three payslips (if you are an employee) or those of your guarantor
  • Proof of address for the guarantor (EDF receipt, council tax notice, etc.).
  • A certificate of accommodation

This list is not exhaustive and other documents may be requested.

Student housing insurance HEYME

The budget

Try to understand your needs and estimate your budget so that you can pay your rent and continue to have fun!
Depending on the city, some neighborhoods may be cheaper than others. Find out in advance and take the time you need to find your future home.

The security deposit

The security deposit, also called surety, is a sum of money requested by the owner when signing the lease contract. It will be used (or not) to cover any breaches by the tenant (unpaid rents or charges, repairs, etc.). The amount of the security deposit, its payment and its return are regulated by law:

  • for an empty rented accommodation: the amount cannot exceed one month’s rent without charges.
  • for furnished rented accommodation: the amount cannot exceed two months’ rent without charges.

Note that this sum is kept by the owner for the duration of the rental.

The guarantor

You will definitely need to find a guarantor for your security deposit. It is for your guarantor to take charge of your possible debt in the event of unpaid rent.

In the case of a simple surety, the lessor can only turn against the surety after having demanded that you pay your rental debts. He will therefore start by initiating a procedure with the tenant.

In the case of a joint surety, the lessor has the right to go directly to the surety from the first unpaid rent, regardless of whether you are insolvent or not.

In the case of joint tenancy, the guarantor is only financially committed on your part of the rent.

Suppliers (electricity, water, gas, internet, etc.)

It is mandatory that the electricity and gas contract be in your name, to avoid any cut or interruption of service.
Check the condition of the accommodation carefully to avoid any hidden defects, the electricity bill can quickly climb if it is poorly insulated.
If you leave your accommodation permanently, do not forget to terminate the contracts.

Traps to avoid

Beware of misleading advertisements and scams! Check on “GoogleMaps” if your apartment is easily accessible by transport, check the neighborhood and make sure you are close to shops.

Also beware of real estate agency fees.

Also beware of list sellers. These addresses which will cost you between 100 to 400 euros are often non-existent and do not guarantee any right to housing.

Housing insurance is compulsory

You must present your landlord with a certificate of insurance to cover any rental risks.

It is compulsory and allows you to insure your accommodation against the most common risks: water damage, theft, burglary, fire, natural disasters, etc. It financially covers your property in the event of a claim or that of your neighbors in the event of a responsible claim.

At HEYME home insurance is from €34/year whatever your age or your place of residence, you receive your certificate immediately by email and in addition, it adapts to short durations if you only come for a few weeks ( for an internship for example).

👉 HEYME home insurance

Which insurance for which accommodation?

Insurance contracts vary according to the accommodation to be insured and the status of the subscriber:

  • The tenant of an empty or furnished home to the legal obligation to take out a home insurance policy. It must, at the very least, cover the compensation of persons affected by an at-fault claim declared in the policyholder’s accommodation. The home insurance certificate is mandatory to finalize your rental file.
  • The owner of a condominium must at least subscribe to a contract including civil liability that can compensate third parties affected by a responsible claim declared in the subscriber’s home.
  • The owner of a househas no legal obligation but beware, in the event of a claim, the damage will be at its expense.

The state of play

When the keys are handed over, an inventory will be made. This approach allows you to compare the condition of the accommodation when you entered and when you left. If you cause damage to the apartment, the landlord can use the security deposit to make the repairs.

So be careful!

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