For the first time, Vladimir Putin speaks of “war” in Ukraine

War in Ukraine: Russia rules out Christmas truce for now |  TF1 NEWS

War in Ukraine Russia rules out Christmas truce for now

Because the use of the word “war” to describe the conflict in Ukraine is prohibited in Russia. The law against “false information” voted in March makes the dissemination of“false information” on the current events in Ukraine a crime. The text was clearly aimed at anyone seeking to inform factually of the current conflict in Ukraine, abandoning the formulas carefully constructed by Russian propaganda. The word “conflict” or “invasion” has therefore given way for several months to the expression “special operation”adopted by the Russian authorities so far.

From then on, displaying the word “war” became a symbol of protest. And even caused protesters to be arrested. This is why opponents of Putin’s regime now want to see this law turned against its creator. Nikita Yuferev, a St. Petersburg city lawmaker who fled the country, has called on Russian authorities to prosecute the head of state for “dissemination of false information about the army”. “There was no decree to end the special military operation, no war was declared”, he joked about Twitter. “Several thousand people have already been convicted for such remarks about the war.”

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