Foreign students in France: what health coverage?

HEYME student health insurance

Are you going to France for your studies or for an internship? Don’t worry, you will be well covered, but your health expenses are not covered automatically. As a foreign student, you should find out about the procedures and formalities to be completed in order to benefit from cover during your stay in France.

Compulsory social coverage

No one is safe from illness or accident during their stay abroad! The affiliation of foreign students to Social Security is compulsory in order to be able to continue their studies with complete peace of mind.

For foreign students from countries outside the European Union, this is a sine qua non for obtaining their residence permits.

HEYME student health insurance

Who is entitled to French Social Security?

Any student enrolled in a higher education establishment for a period of training or study of more than 3 months is entitled to Social Security.

It allows you to be covered by health insurance for health expenses related to hospitalization costs, the purchase of drugs, medical consultations, etc.

The conditions for affiliation to the Social Security system depend on age and nationality.


Students from the European Economic Area (EEA)

If you are under 28 when you enroll at university and you are a national of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you can apply for your European Health Insurance Card from your social protection organization in your country of residence. This will take care of your reimbursements in the event of illness. On presentation of this card to health professionals, you do not have to register on the site

If you do not have a European health insurance card, subscription to student social security is required. It is necessary to plan an application for affiliation on the site You will be asked to fill in the mandatory information and to send the supporting documents for the creation of your personal space and the validation of your request.

Non-European students

Non-European students under the age of 28 must join the general social security system during their studies in France.

Students from the Principality of Monaco

If you are from the Principality of Monaco, you are required to request, before your departure for France, a certificate of attachment from the Monegasque social security fund. No need to register on the website, you will present your certificate to health professionals if necessary.

Quebec students

Due to a reciprocal agreement between the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) and the Régie d’Assurance du Québec (RAMQ), Quebec students do not need to join Student Social Security. 2 scenarios exist:

  • The student registered in a French university, but who does not come to France must request form SE 401-Q-102 bis from the RAMQ. This will be given to the CPAM of his place of residence in France.
  • A student not registered in a French university, but who comes to France as part of a university exchange must request form SE 401-Q-106 from the RAMQ before leaving. This must be completed by the university in Quebec.

Good to know :

  • Any foreign student receiving a grant from the French State is automatically affiliated with Social Security.
  • Enrollment in several establishments for the same academic year requires only one student social security affiliation.

Which students are exempt from the compulsory health insurance scheme?

Foreign students over the age of 28

Whatever their origin, a foreign student over the age of 28 can no longer claim Student Social Security. However, he must imperatively subscribe to the Social Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) closest to his home for the reimbursement of his health expenses.

The foreign student must have been resident for at least three months and be in a regular situation in France.

Foreign students under the age of 20 on September 30 of the current year

If you are a student under 20 on September 30 of the current year, you will not have to pay any social security contributions. The reimbursement of your health care and your social security coverage are covered by your parents’ social security system.

Duration of studies less than 3 months

If the duration of the studies does not exceed 3 months, you do not need to join the Student Social Security. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to take out travel insurance to benefit from optimal medical coverage in the event of an emergency or illness.

Because your health is at the heart of our concerns, HEYME Worldpass is your travel insurance par excellence. In addition to benefits related to illnesses and accidents, it guarantees repatriation assistance (transport and medical repatriation) and legal assistance. Private civil liability is also included to cover damage you may cause to others during your stay.

Student-workers 10 hours per week, 60 hours per month or 120 hours per term

If you work at least 10 hours per week or at least 60 hours per month or 120 hours per term alongside your studies, you will be directly affiliated with the general scheme of the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM). All you have to do is provide a copy of your employment contract to your institution when you register for university.

Students whose spouse is employed

If your spouse is an employee, it is not necessary to join student social security. As you are entitled to social security coverage, you should present your family record book or proof of cohabitation or PACS (for cohabiting or PACS couples) to the education department of your higher education establishment, accompanied by the social security certificate where you clearly appear as entitled.

Internship students

If you do an internship abroad, you are covered by the health insurance of your host company, with or without remuneration. Social coverage will depend on the monthly amount of the internship allowance.

Foreign student: how to register for Social Security?

When you arrive in France and after having obtained your certificate of registration in a higher establishment, you must begin the procedures for affiliation to student social security.

What are the steps to follow ?

1time step: create your personal space

The creation is done on the site You must fill in all the required information:

  • Last name and first name
  • Postal address in France
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number

Submit all supporting documents to complete your application:

  • Copy of proof of identity (passport or identity card)
  • School certificate for the current academic year
  • Resource certificate
  • Certificate of parental authorization (for students under 16)
  • Proof of civil status (full copy or copy of birth certificate, family record book, marriage certificate)
  • RIB for the reimbursement of your health expenses

The list is not exhaustive, other supporting documents may be requested depending on international agreements and conventions and depending on your country of origin.

2th Step: Obtaining a provisional Social Security number:

After having filled in all the information and sent all the required documents, a provisional Social Security number will be assigned to you. You can then download your provisional certificate of affiliation to student social security, modify your information, follow up on your reimbursements, etc.

3th step: ask for your vital card:

After validation of your registration, you have the possibility of requesting a vital card in your name. It allows the remote transmission of your information and facilitates the reimbursement of your health costs from your health insurance. It is recommended that you update your vital card once a year and each time your situation changes.

4th step: appoint a treating physician:

To be reimbursed optimally and to benefit from personalized medical follow-up, it is advisable to declare a attending physician. He or she will offer you appropriate care and will refer you to a specialist doctor if necessary.

How does Social Security work for foreign students?

Sick or victim of an accident, student social security protects you during your stay in France. It is valid for one academic year from 1er October to September 30. The renewal is done at the same time as your registration within your establishment of studies. There should be a budget for dues.

At the end of your university studies, you will still benefit from student social security coverage provided that you are not dependent on another compulsory social security scheme. Beyond this period and in the absence of social protection, you can apply for universal health coverage (CMU).

Do I need complementary health insurance?

Healthcare in France can be expensive and Student Social Security does not reimburse all of your healthcare expenses. It covers your health costs up to 70%.

Subscription to complementary health insurance is strongly recommended to complete your health insurance and reduce your remaining costs (moderator ticket).

To ensure that your stay takes place in the best conditions, HEYME offers you student mutual insurance from €9.90 per month with 4 levels that will allow you to choose the offer best suited to your needs and financial capacities.

By subscribing to HEYME student mutual insurance, you will benefit from unlimited access to teleconsultation with ABI. Doctors are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

An application for your refunds, downloading your card or sending your documents is also available to you. As a member of the HEYME student mutual insurance company, you have access to the application of good deals from your favorite brands: “Myreduc”.

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