FTX case: an Alameda wallet comes back from the dead

crypto zombie – But how many wallets linked to FTX and/or to Alameda still exist somewhere? And who is moving these cryptos? These are the questions that a part of the community is asking itself which is witnessing, in disbelief, the return to life portfolios owned by Sam Bankman-Fried companies. But the justice also must ask them! Especially since she tries by all means to retrieve a maximum of funds For to reimburse THE creditors bankrupt companies. Today there are several millions of dollars who were suddenly moved.


Highly Suspicious Fund Movements Around Alameda Wallets

The TV series FTX never stops offering us twists and turns while the teams of John Ray are trying to do theinventory actives of the society. On January 17, we first learned that 5 billion of assets had been discovered by the investigators. Then, on February 2, it’s no less than $10 million Who started moving from Bitfinex.

Today it is about two wallets linked to Alameda who would have transferred funds. About the firstthe brokenfish.eth address would have come out $2.3 million of FTT of the Sushiswap platform.

On February 9, a new suspicious movement is spotted from a wallet belonging to Alameda Research.  Despite a binding procedure for freezing assets and assets, supposedly inactive portfolios continue to carry out transactions.
On February 9, a new suspicious movement is spotted – source: Twitter

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The community asks many questions with few answers

At the same time, another address, Alameda Research 4, buys for more than 2 millions by FTT. Then, this same address deposits 73,000 FTT And 31,000 dollars as collateral to open a loan on Abracadabra.money. But by the time these two pieces of information are disclosed, a new movement is spotted by PeckShieldAlert whose message is posted above.

These morally reprehensible, but legally difficult to combat moves annoy FTX’s defrauded customers. And justice seems to have no grip on all that. Despite the transparency blockchain manifesto, proactive ways tolaw enforcement action seem very boundaries. Until when are we going to witness these transfers from beyond the grave? Nobody knows.

In the meantime, John Ray continues to show his intentions of recover all assets of the society. Including all those famous crypto wallets that wake up as you go. While waiting for the continuation of this endless legal case, we have just learned of the closure of a historic player in the ecosystem which will not have resisted this crypto winter.

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Last Verdict

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