FTX case: SBF lawyers request a postponement of his trial

A line of defense to refine – Did you miss him, sir? It must be said that between Silvergate Bank and now the Silicon Valley Bankwe had almost forgotten the case FTX And Sam Bankman-Fried. As the US banking sector falters and drags European stock markets with it, its lawyers have things to ask. So here they are back to consider a postponement of the trial scheduled for October for reasons of defense preparation and access to evidence. The ex-CEO needs time, and he just sent a letter to the judge.


Need more time to review new evidence…

In the FTX case, it is a matter of a trial criminal takes place on October 2 next to determine Bankman-Fried’s level of responsibility in the charges against him. As a reminder, this is 8 counts, including electronic fraud and money laundering. As a result, it is normal that he is preparing his defense with his team of lawyers.

But it seems that the 4 new counts that justice has meant to him give him extra work. It’s the media Reuters who published the info and who made it known that Mark Cohen And Christian Everdellthe lawyers of SBF, have just written a letter to the federal judge Lewis Kaplan. The objective is to warn the judge of the difficulties encountered by the defense teams of the deposed CEO, because the new elements added to the file require to be studied carefully.

Lawyers for Sam Bankman-Fried have asked for an extension so that they can thoroughly study the new evidence in the FTX case.  Scheduled for October 2, the trial could be postponed following new charges by Caroline Elisson and Gary Wang.  Decidedly, we have not finished talking about the FTX affair!
Will justice respond favorably to the request of SBF lawyers?

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… from Caroline Elisson and Gary Wang

Here is an excerpt from mail sent to the federal judge by Sam Bankman-Fried’s attorneys:

“Depending on the volume of the additional ‘discovery’ and the production schedule, it may be necessary to request an adjournment of the trial, currently scheduled to begin on October 2, 2023.”

But what is it exactly? In American law, the moment of discovery » is an important step that precedes a trial. This is the period when each party can ask the other to provide documents or depositions. And as there are new chargesso new elements, the defense needs to consult them.

In this case, it is the decision taken by Caroline Elisson and Gary Wang which is the source of the new charges. Therefore, the defense would like to have access to theiPhone of the former CEO of Alameda and at the laptop from the co-founder of FTX. But there is also talk of 30 Google accounts and several other laptops. All of this will be essential when proving each other’s intentions in court.

Since the Superbowl case, prosecutors in the FTX case no longer trust Sam Bankman-Fried and have banned him from using a VPN!  He can't even surf the internet freely anymore.  Hard, hard for the one who was considered the little genius of web3...
SBF would do well to listen to his lawyers and should stop using a VPN, when he has no right to do so

The ex-CEO of FTX would also like to use a laptop

However, this is not not the only procedure of which SBF be the current object. There is also this story of connecting and accessing a computer. Ever since prosecutors found out he used a vpn to contact a witness in the case, he is no longer allowed to surf the web freely – even if he claimed to have just logged on to watch the Super Bowl.

His lawyers have therefore mounted a computer who obeys the orders of the court. That is to say, he limit THE scope of SBF, while allowing him to participate in the construction of his defense. A bit like a teenager’s laptop which is limited to school use. Answer to follow from the court to find out if young Sam will finally be able to connect as he wants.

While waiting to know the date of the trial, the new management of FTX keep doing theinventory assets of the company. And while we thought we had done the trick, it appears that theextent of damage continues to surprise specialists working on the issue. The deficit is massive And the exam is not over yet.

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Last Verdict

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