Grant and accommodation: your Student Social File (DSE)

Grant and accommodation: your Student Social File (DSE)

Are you a student or future student? Do you want to get a scholarship, student social housing or aid for 2022-2023? You have until May 15 to apply for a scholarship and/or accommodation, made through the Student Social File (DSE).

We explain everything to you!

The steps to compile your Student Social File (DSE)

Step 1 Check your eligibility on

2nd step Create or update your account

Step 3 Enter your Student Social File (DSE).

Step 4 Gather and add all supporting documents.

Step 5 If your file is complete, you have no further steps to take. Otherwise, you will have to send the regulatory documents. It takes between 1 and 3 months for the processing of your initial file.

Step 6 You can follow the progress of your request on

Step 7 At the end of the study of your file, a conditional scholarship notification will be sent to you by email. You will have to return it to your establishment.

Step 8 As soon as your establishment confirms your registration, you will receive the final notification and the payment of the scholarship will be triggered.

How to enter my DSE for the start of the school year 2022/2023 ?

Between the January 20 and May 15 2022,senter your EHR on the internet by carefully following the instructions, screen by screen: assistance requested, study wishes, information, etc.

For your file to be validated, you must go to the last screen.

If you need to go through Parcoursupcreates first of all an account on Parcoursup, before doing your DSE. Your information will thus be retrieved from

In the event of an unexpected disconnection, you can resume your entry, the information is kept for 7 days.

NB: before starting the seizure, prepare the 2021 tax notice on your family’s 2020 income.

Entry of wishes

In total, you can make 4 wishes in the same academy, or in different academies.

You must fill in one wish per formation.

After your admission to a higher education institution, if your DSE and Parcoursup wishes are not in correspondence and relate to requests in academies different from your host CROUS, approach it, your file will be transferred.

Grant and accommodation your Student Social File DSE

What supporting documents?

Evidence of resources

Photocopy of the tax notice or tax notices of the income of your parents, or guardians in addition to the income received abroad or subject to the flat rate.

The resources taken into account are those of 2020 for the academic year 2022-2023.

What tax advice should you provide based on your family situation?

  • the tax number of your parents if they are married or PACS and have a single joint opinion;
  • the tax opinion of both parents if they are not married;
  • the tax opinion of both parents if they are separated, without judgment;
  • if your parents are separated, with judgment, you will have to provide the complete separation judgment for the first request + the tax opinion of the parent who has your custody;
  • if your parents are divorced, you will need to provide the complete separation judgment for the first request + the tax opinion of the parent who has your custody;
  • if your parents are separated without judgment and a single parent is taxing you, you will have to provide a notice (on which you appear) of the parent who is supporting you + the tax opinion of the other parent;
  • If you have your own tax opinion, you must attach it, in addition to that of your parents;
  • If you are married or in a civil partnership, the couple’s income must be greater than or equal to 90% of the minimum wage for it to be taken into account;
  • If you are studying with a tax-dependent child, you will need to provide your tax opinion on which the child (or children) appears;
  • If you are of foreign nationality, you will need to provide a sworn statement from your parents indicating whether or not they receive income abroad and, if applicable, the amount;

If you are in a particular situation, the CROUS may ask you for other documents.

If you are unable to provide the documents requested, your file will be sent to the CROUS social service so that your situation can be examined in the context of specific aid.

Education documents

Copy of proof of your education and those of your brothers and sisters who are students in higher education.

What if I haven’t compiled my EHR before May 15?

Your file will be reviewed and processed. However, payment of the scholarship will only be made when your file is complete, with the school certificate provided by the establishment.

Particular attention will be paid to the processing of requests from new students, even those submitted after May 15.

DES: your conditional and definitive notifications

If your file is complete, you have no further steps to take.

If your file is incomplete, an email will be sent to you asking you to submit the missing documents on

If you wish to study in another academy, the CROUS of the academy where you are currently studying will be your one and only interlocutor during the examination of your file.

The CROUS services will give you a basic answer by sending you a conditional notification by e-mail attachment.

This will inform you of the decision to award or reject your scholarship application.

You can download this document in the follow-up of your file on

The scholarship notification is based on the information entered in your student social file (DSE).

Sent before the confirmation of your establishment registration, the notification is always conditional.

Conditional notification must be presented to the education department of your establishment at the time of registration.

It also allows you to be exempted from paying university registration fees and CVEC.

The decision will reach you more quickly if you have sent the CROUS a complete file and on time.

The notification becomes ddefinitive once the CROUS has received proof of your registration.

In the event of significant and lasting changes in your situation during the university year, and which you have made known, the CROUS will send you a new notification which replaces and cancels the previous one.

If you do not agree with the administration’s decision, you can file an appeal.

Confirm your registration with the higher education institution

To definitively validate your file and pay your grant, you must send the CROUS proof of your enrollment in higher education.

This is most of the time a certificate of schooling.

Find out about the procedures for sending this document to your establishment when registering.

The CROUS will set the final amount of your scholarship and send you a final scholarship notification.

In the event of a change of academy, the original CROUS will send your file to the host CROUS which will become your new, one and only counter.

Modification of wishes

If you wish to change your wishes on your student social file, simply send an email to the site at item level “support” stating your wish.

Application for accommodation in a CROUS residence

You must apply for accommodation in a CROUS residence after completing your Student Social File (DSE), unless you are a foreigner.

To adapt as much as possible to your choices of orientation and pursuit of studies, proposals for accommodation in university residences will be made each week between June 14 and July 5. Before applying for accommodation in a CROUS residence, you must submit a DSE which will allow your situation to be taken into account.

The initial allocation phase is essentially reserved for scholarship students.

At the beginning of May, you will receive an email that will tell you how to make your housing wishes on the site. findunhousing.lescrous.frand on which you can geolocate the residences in relation to your place of study.

On, you will find a detailed description as well as photos of the residence.

You can make 4 wishes in all sectors. By sector, we mean the cities of the academies.

You will receive a maximum of 4 housing proposals, 1 proposal per sector.

From June 14 to July 7them automated lathes allocation will take place every week.

Automated Housing Allocation Towers

If you have been assigned accommodation, you have 48 hours to confirm your choice by paying 100 euros in booking fees.

These booking fees will be deducted from your first rent.

Complementary allocation phase, open to all students

From Tuesday July 12all students, scholarship holders or not, can consult the housing offers available

International students must go through At this address, you will find all the information and details to choose your CROUS accommodation.

In the case of a 1st request, you will be informed of the result of the assignments in university residences, by SMS and by email.

Check your email regularly to find out the result of your request and book your accommodation within 7 days.

In the event of a positive response, the terms and conditions for booking your accommodation, such as the booking amount to be paid online and the deadline for sending the admission file, will be communicated to you.

If you are already housed in a CROUS residence, you must enter your request on your Cité U space in

Find out more about housing allocations in university residences

Have you been assigned accommodation? congratulations, you should think about taking out home insurance!

Take out home insurance

On a daily basis, no accommodation is immune to disasters (water damage, electrical damage, fire, explosion, climatic events, glass breakage, vandalism, theft, etc.).

In the event of moving into new accommodation, whether it is a studio, a shared apartment, a private room or a CROUS residence, you absolutely must take out home insurance which will allow you to be covered in the event of the occurrence of such damage to your new home.

Home insurance protects both your home and your personal property.

The prices vary according to the formula chosen, the location, the surface area and the number of rooms in your accommodation.

Home insurance by HEYME

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The price varies according to the type of accommodation (room in a Cité U, studio, T, etc.) but remains the same regardless of your age or your place of residence.

If you are with a roommate, your friends are insured for free on the same contract and for the same price.

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