Hack Uranium Finance: 3.5 million dollars wake up 2 years after the facts

Hacker's transaction list for Tornado Cash

A hacker who is talking about him again – In April 2021, the DeFi project Uranium Finance had been the target of hack of scale. Almost two years after the events, the hacker wakes up and undertake to launder funds.


50 million dollars stolen during the hack of Uranium

THE Uranium Finance hack had made an impression in 2021. Indeed, this protocol hosted on the BNB Chain had been the target of a massive hack. In total, $50 million had been drained liquidity pools.

At the time, the protocol was in full migration to its version 2.1. However, a bug had slipped into this new version. This simply allowed anyone who interacted with the contract to withdraw all of the cash. Just that !

After his theft, the hacker had undertaken to move funds outside the BNB Chain to the Ethereum network. To do this, it used the Inter-Chain Bridge Protocol AnySwap to transfer 2,400 ETH which he quickly laundered through the Tornado Cash protocol.

$3.35 million resurfaces after a long silence

Almost two years after the fact, it seems that the hacker needs cash. Indeed, according to information relayed by the analysis company PeckShieldthe Uranium Finance hacker has just moved funds.

In total, $3.5 million in the form of 2,263ETH have transitioned to the protocol Tornado CashMarch 6 around 11 p.m.

Hacker's transaction list for Tornado Cash
Hacker transaction to Tornado Cash – Source: etherscan

As a reminder, the attacker had held $3.5 million in USDT since the attack on this wallet. These funds were therefore converted March 6 for ETH via the decentralized exchange protocol 0xProtocol.

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Tornado Cash tries to discourage money launderers

The protocol Tornado Cash is frequently used by Web3 hackers as a method of money laundering. Indeed, the protocol makes it possible to break the link between your initial deposit address and your new withdrawal address.

However, the protocol was quickly singled out by theOffice of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) for enabling the laundering of billions of dollars. Faced with significant penalties and the flight of legitimate users, Tornado Cash had to find a solution.

With this in mind, the protocol teams announced the launch of Privacy Pool v0 on Optimism. This new service still makes it possible to anonymize its funds, but by allowing prove that they have not been mixed with illicit funds.

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