Hawaii: Turbulence injures 36 on board plane

Hawaii: Turbulence injures 36 on board plane

Hawaii Turbulence injures 36 on board plane

A total of 36 people were treated, including some suffering from nausea and minor injuries, said during a press conference Jim Ireland, director of the emergency department of Honolulu, capital of this American state in the Pacific. Of this number, “20 had to be hospitalized, including 11 for serious injuries and 9 for minor injuries”, he added. Some were injured in the head.

Three crew members are among the injured hospitalized, according to the airline’s director of operations, Jon Snook, who noted that the weather had been particularly unstable in recent days in Hawaii, but that these kinds of incidents were “relatively rare”. According to the latter, “This is the first time such an incident has occurred in recent memory.”

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