He mines a Bitcoin block all by himself and pockets the jackpot of 6.25 BTC

Announcement tweet from @ckpooldev.

Luck favors the brave – The network Bitcoin is secured by miners who are tasked with verifying blocks before adding them to the chain. In practice, this process is mostly concentrated around mining pools. However, some lucky people manage to pull out of the game by playing it solo.


It miraculously mines a block on Bitcoin

Friday, March 10, @ckpooldev unveiled on Twitter that a relatively rare event had occurred on Bitcoin. Indeed, a miner successfully validated a blockAnd this, without being part of a mining pool.

“Congratulations to the miner who solved the 270th solo block on ckpool with 6.7PH. However, it does not seem to have mined for very long. »

Announcement tweet from @ckpooldev.
Announcement tweet from @ckpooldev.

In practice, the minor has validated on block 780 112. Therefore, he has pocketed the 6.25 BTC rewardsor nearly $140,000 at the current price.

This occurrence is relatively rare, as pointed out @ckpooldev following its publication. Statistically, it takes about ten months for a solitary miner to have a chance of mining a block.

Indeed, the miner in question had a computing power of 6.7 PH/s. This represents approximately 0.002% of the total power of the Bitcoin network.

A phenomenal stroke of luck

Shortly after the facts, the minor in question was recognized on the forum bitcointalkstating that he had “a great chance to catch a block with such a hashrate. »

Indeed, this one usually explains mining on a solo pool with a power of 270 TH/s. Finally, on March 9, namely the day before the validation of the block, the miner decided to lease more power using Nicehash serviceincreasing its total power to 6.7 PH/s.

A very profitable decision, because the next day the miner pocketed the 6.25 BTC reward by validating a block on his own.

In practice, the miner had deployed a solo mining pool through the service of Solo.ckpool. Indeed, this project allows miners to mine solo without having to operate the infrastructure necessary for the maneuver, as explained on the official site:

“This is NOT a pool, despite its name, but a service allowing miners to mine solo, as it is not possible to mine directly to a bitcoin core node. »

In fact, the users of this service represent only 0.2% of the entire mining power of the network. As a reminder, this one is largely held by the mining pools Foundry USA, AntPool, Binance Pool and F2Pool.

Bitcoin hashrate distribution diagram.
Breakdown of hashrate on Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin network may from time to time present surprising situations of this ilk. So the February 13, an entirely empty block was mined on the network.

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