Hebdo Crypto #228 – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news of the week

Lightning Network capacity is $118 million

The week of 02/13 in short – The news about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is constantly boiling. It can happen that crucial information gets lost in the daily information flow and that you miss important points. This format is there to remedy that. We return to thenews from the past weekCrypto Weekly to keep you informed about the current situation of cryptocurrencies.


Crypto news in brief

The Center Pompidou hosted NFTs for the first time. Thus, the Yuga Labs teams donated CryptoPunk #110 to the French museum.

Nexo discontinues its Earn service in the United States. The shutdown follows a settlement with the US SEC, which was suing the platform for selling unauthorized securities.

Registration conditions for crypto players could be tightened in early 2024 in France. Indeed, lawmakers have added new requirements for obtaining registration for PSAN status.

Microsoft abandons its Metaverse project in favor of AI. Thus, the company announced the dissolution of its Metaverse team with the desire to focus on its projects in the field of artificial intelligence.

Ethereum NFTs migrate to Bitcoin. Indeed, a user migrated his Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT to the Bitcoin blockchain using the Teleburn program developed by Ordinals.

Binance in turmoil over $400 million transfer. Thus, the company would have made this transfer in 2020 for the benefit of the company Merit Peak. According to Reuters, this company was owned by the CEO of Binance.

▶ This week, Sam and Benoît received Abdelhamid Bakhta and Benjamin Flores following the Starknet Sessions 2023.

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The 5 metrics of the week

5,431this is thea BTC capacity of the Lightning Network. In practice, this represents $118 million in BTC circulating on the second layer of Bitcoin.

Lightning Network capacity is $118 million
Lightning Network capacity.

$46 million, is the amount that was recently moved by the Wormhole Bridge hacker. In practice, it uses the stolen funds to invest massively in Liquid Staking solutions on Ethereum.

Peckshield alerts following Wormhole hacker's movement of funds

$584,000these are the fees pocketed by Bitcoin miners thanks to Ordinals. Indeed, NFTs on Bitcoin have led to an increase in activity, which is beneficial for Bitcoin miners.

Fees collected by BTC miners

10.5 BTCit’s the amount spent by an Internet user to acquire an NFT Ordinals. In practice, this represents approximately $216,000 for this NFT on Bitcoin.

20,000 ETHit’s about amount held by the Lido DAO. The governance plans to sell or stake these tokens to increase the protocol’s monthly revenue.

Tweet of the week

Tweet of the week goes to zkSync which has just announced the launch of its mainnet zkSync Era as well as the opening of its source code.

Have a nice week on the Journal du Coin! 🙂

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