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HEYME motorcycle insurance

Motorcycles, scooters, moped… Motorized two-wheelers are often synonymous with freedom. For daily or seasonal use, the insurance of these vehicles remains compulsory in order to be able to circulate in complete safety.

Motorized two-wheelers are listed in several categories. Users, novices or experienced, will therefore have to pass a different driving license depending on the model of the vehicle and therefore choose suitable motorcycle insurance.

Two-wheeler insurance: instructions

Each motorized vehicle, even if it is not running, must be insured. Civil Liability is the only compulsory guarantee for two-wheelers.

Minimum protection for motorcyclists and motorcyclists, also called third party insurance, covers damage caused to passengers, road users and pedestrians.

HEYME motorcycle insurance

In addition to the basic guarantees of civil liability, HEYME offers you extensions compatible with your needs and with the type of two-wheeler you have, such as:

  • Criminal defense and recourse

Warranty Criminal Defense Recourse Following an Accident (DPRSA) protects you in the event of a dispute. Therefore, the legal costs incurred in the event of defense or recourse following an accident will be covered.

Warranty juridic protection defend your interests by finding appropriate solutions to disputes related to your two-wheeler outside of a road accident.

  • Natural and technological disasters

This warranty covers you when:

    • your two-wheeler suffers damage caused by a natural disaster (flood, avalanche, earthquake, etc.)
    • your two-wheeler suffers damage caused by a technological disaster following an accident occurring in the middle of industrial installations (factories, construction sites, mines, etc.) or during the transport of dangerous materials.

  • Theft, incident and attack

This guarantee covers all damage suffered by your two-wheeler in the event of theft, fire or attack on national territory.

  • Storms and climatic events

With this guarantee, you will be compensated if your two-wheeler suffers damage following climatic events (storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.). Not to be confused with warranty natural disaster which is only activated following an interministerial decree.

Warranty damage all accidents covers all damage regardless of the type of accident, even if you are not responsible or the cause of the accident.

This cover, also called individual rider cover, compensates for bodily injury (injury, permanent disability or even death) suffered while riding your motorcycle or scooter, in the event of an accident.

This guarantee covers all the pilot’s equipment (helmet, gloves, etc.) in the event of theft or damage.

  • Breakdown and accident assistance

Thanks to this guarantee, you will be able to benefit from breakdown assistance, towing and on-site repair in the event that your motorcycle or scooter breaks down or if you are the victim of an accident or a puncture.

Two-wheeler insurance made in HEYME

Motorcycle and scooter insurance

As the owner of a cylinder capacity ranging from 50 cm³ to 1,000 cm³ and in addition to the basic guarantees offered, theHEYME motorcycle insurance allows you :

  • Extend your driver cover up to €200,000 in the event of disability or death
  • To benefit from 0 km assistance included
  • To benefit from support for a points recovery course

👉 HEYME motorcycle insurance

Cycle insurance

if you drive a two-wheeler under 50cc, theHEYME cycle insurance offers you the possibility of benefiting from:

  • Offer including all the essential guarantees included

  • Optional pilot guarantee, up to €60,000 in the event of disability

👉 HEYME motorcycle insurance

Last Verdict

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