HEYME: traveling in freedom thanks to COVID-19 support

HEYME World pass international travel insurance

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our daily lives and postponed the majority of our projects. Health fears take over and international travel is more limited. To best accompany you on your travels, HEYME offers Covid-19 support.


Is it necessary to take out health insurance abroad?

In times of coronavirus, traveling internationally is becoming more and more restrictive. Global health measures involve specific procedures and define new rules to be respected. For a trip abroad, it is important to present an insurance certificate which covers the Covid risk in the event of a positive test. Taking out health insurance abroad then becomes essential.

HEYME World Pass insurance certificates meet the applicable documentation requirements. You will then be able to travel freely thanks to your HEYME World Pass certificate with the mention COVID and thus meet the requirements of international organizations and establishments.

HEYME World pass international travel insurance

HEYME: COVID-19 care

In the event of a positive test abroad, HEYME insurance covers health costs and hospitalizations linked to Covid-19, from the 1st euro (100% and without recourse to social security). More specifically, this includes:

  • Prescribed medications
  • Medical fees
  • The prescribed ambulance
  • Hospitalization

Whatever your destination, HEYME World Pass provides reimbursement of medical expenses up to €180,000 for the world in the World Pass contract or up to €50,000 in the Working Holiday 2. Beyond that, the costs are borne by the insured.

Thanks to the assistance guarantee, HEYME World Pass also covers the medical repatriation of the insured person suffering from Covid or awaiting the test result, if necessary.

In addition to insurance and assistance cover, insured persons aged 16 to 35 suffering from COVID-19 while traveling abroad also benefit from:

  • Coverage of medical and hospitalization costs
  • Reimbursement of travel cancellation costs in the event of a positive test, quarantine or contact with a Covid patient, involving the cancellation of the flight.
  • Expenses for extending your stay if you cannot take your return flight in the event of illness or denied boarding.
  • An early return in the event of hospitalization or death of one of your relatives with Covid.

However, World Pass cannot cover you for the following cases:

  • The cancellation of the trip following your quarantine, despite a negative test.
  • The country of destination is confined, in a state of emergency or imposes post-travel confinement
  • The nationality of the insured is prohibited in the destination
  • The cancellation of the trip occurs following a postponement or cancellation of an event in which you should participate
  • Quarantine on arrival. The costs of accommodation, meals, postponement or modification of tickets are not covered.
  • Closure of borders, airports, cancellation of flights or other means of transport.

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