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You’re moving soon and you don’t know whether or not to keep your Home Insurance ? Two solutions are possible: the transfer or the termination of your contract. We explain everything to you.

Should I cancel or keep my housing insurance?

Transfer contract

You can keep your insurance contract for your student accommodation and transfer to the new apartment. Simply inform your insurer one month before the date of the move by registered letter, specifying:

  • The date of the move
  • your new address
  • The characteristics of the new accommodation

Also think about taking stock of the insured property. You may need to review the value of some items. You can make the transfer up to 15 days after the move, otherwise you risk no longer being covered.

Cancel the contract

If you want to change insurer, take the opportunity to end your current insurance contract and sign up for a new one. The steps to be taken change depending on the duration of the current contract:

If you have subscribed to your insurance for more than 12 months, the cancellation procedure is simpler and free of charge.

If you subscribed to your contract less than a year ago, you will be required to present proof of termination or moving.

You must send a registered letter with the reason for termination, within 3 months of your move.

Student housing insurance HEYME

Cost of insurance premium

Your home insurance covers your apartment, your belongings and valuables against domestic disasters: water damage, theft and burglary, fire, natural disasters, etc.

The price varies according to:

  • Type of accommodation and its size
  • Number of pieces
  • Geographical area
  • Value of insured property
  • Guarantees taken out

home insurance of HEYME, it is a single price per type of accommodation regardless of your place of residence. No nasty surprises!

Your contract covers your accommodation from the day after collection, for a period of one year and without tacit renewal. All from €34/year.

And if you are with a roommate, your friends are insured for free on the same contract and for the same rate. A bit like Netflix you share the costs 😉

So ? What are you waiting for to insure your rental or roommate?!

👉 HEYME home insurance

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