How to be well equipped to ride a motorcycle in the summer?


Summer is the season most conducive to travel, road-trips and motorcycle rides, but it is also the time of year when the heat is sometimes stifling!

The question that naturally comes to the mind of every biker is “what type of motorcycle equipment to consider for the summer?”

Because a simple buying guide is not enough, here are some tips that will help you choose your future motorcycle equipment to avoid suffering from high heat!

Choose a ventilated motorcycle helmet

The motorcycle helmet is part of the mandatory equipment. Synonyms of protection and security, it is inconceivable to part with it even in the middle of a heat wave!

However, you can swap your full-face helmet for a jet helmet or a modular helmet.


The jet helmet

Light and ventilated, the jet helmet avoids the feeling of heat. Models with sunscreen are very popular with motorcyclists, especially in summer during long journeys on the highways.

It is also practical and recommended for urban journeys.

The modular helmet

Another model, heavier but just as practical thanks to its retractable chin strap.

The modular helmet is an excellent compromise between ventilation and protection.

Equipment of choice for long summer trips or for every trip in urban areas.

Opt for a ventilated motorcycle jacket

Faced with the many existing models, choosing your motorcycle jacket can become a real headache!

The leather jacket

The main characteristic of a leather motorcycle jacket is its resistance to abrasion. Less airy than a textile jacket, it can be heavy to wear.

However, there are some breathable models specially designed for summer with perforations that allow air to circulate.

The textile jacket

Even being lighter, the textile jacket does not lose sight of its primary function, namely to offer maximum protection in the event of a fall.

With its various panels in mesh at the front, back and sides, ventilation and air circulation can be ensured in an optimal way.

Comfortable and airy, the ventilated jacket is essential especially when riding under a blazing sun!

The refreshing vest

Equipment little known but very effective, the cooling vests placed under the jacket or the motorcycle jacket, allow motorcyclists to enjoy a feeling of freshness even when the thermometer continues to climb.

The heat of the body as well as that of the ambient air allow the water present inside the vest to evaporate. Result: the skin is refreshed and the body is kept at the right temperature.

Favor lightweight motorcycle gloves

In a protective reflex, the hands are often the most exposed parts of the body in the event of a motorcycle accident.

Like a second skin, the motorcycle glove must offer protection and driving comfort. In summer, it is advisable to turn to flexible gloves in light fabric with a fitted cut.

Opt for a model with a short cuff, micro-perforations on the outside and a breathable lining that allows air to circulate and wick away perspiration even in sweltering heat.

Wearing motorcycle gloves CE approved and PPE has been mandatory since November 2016.

Favor summer motorcycle pants in Cordura

The motorcycle pants must above all include protections at the level of the knees and hips, the first parts impacted in the event of a side fall.

In summer, it is ideal to wear cordura pants with inserts that provide air ventilation and a cotton lining to avoid suffering from the heat.

For more protection, you can also wear ventilated knee pads made of mesh fabric, a highly breathable textile that allows optimal ventilation.

Give way to motorcycle sneakers

The boots logically complete the panoply of the biker. Equipped with reinforcements, they serve to protect the feet and ankles.

Too hot for the summer, the boots can be replaced by sneakers or shoes that offer just as much comfort and protection.

Higher than classic sneakers, motorcycle sneakers are suitable for hot temperatures.

In addition to having reinforcements at the level of the heel, toe and malleolus, the motorcycle sneakers have ventilation on the sides and a waterproof and breathable membrane that prevents suffering from the summer heat.

Some models are equipped with breathable inner and outer soles that provide comfort and grip.

Do not forget the different motorcycle accessories

Among the accessories that offer the most protection are:

  • elbow pads : light and airy, they protect your elbows and forearms.
  • The dorsal: perforated on the surface it guarantees ventilation and air circulation while protecting your spine.
  • The airbag vest: worn over the motorcycle jacket, a textile and mesh model will ensure comfort and breathability while protecting your rib cage, back and neck.

Before hitting the road, examine the mechanics of your motorcycle and all of your equipment and make sure it meets all mandatory CE standards.

Remember to check all your papers: motorcycle licence, gray card and documents relating to your motorcycle insurance.

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