How to create a student association?


Do you have a passion or a cause that you want to support? Why not create your own student Association and share it with other students with the same interests?

The creation of an association will allow you to learn about project management. At the end of your university course, you will have acquired human, administrative and organizational skills that may be useful to you throughout your professional career.
A big plus for your CV!

Why create a student association?

To share, help, federate.

Student associations have various objectives:

  • Promote their sector
  • Gather students around common activities: visits to monuments, exhibitions, conferences…
  • Unite students around a humanitarian or charitable cause
  • Bring together students who have a common passion such as photography, volleyball, poetry, etc.
  • Support students in difficulty
  • Organize meetings between local students and foreign students


The steps to create your student association

Define your student association

There are different association structures:

  • “Representative” associations, such as the student office (BDE)
  • “Leisure” associations which organize cultural, sports, music, etc.
  • Associations “of sectors” such as those of law, psychology or medicine
  • Associations committed to a cause, or associations with an international outlook.

Before starting the process, you must ask your establishment for authorization to create your association within the campus.

You must therefore contact the student life service. Without his agreement, it is difficult to finalize the procedures, in particular for administrative reasons.

Your institution has a fund for solidarity and development of student initiatives (FSDIE). Part of the FSDIE budget may be granted to your future association if you plan to organize events.

Create your student association

First make sure that the purpose of your association meets the requirements of the law of 1901. Your association must not be created for profit, otherwise you will have to create a company.

To create an association, you must be at least two people (natural or legal person).

Drafting of statutes : It is about a document or must appear the essential information to make live the association. You will find many examples on the internet.

  • The name of the association (which must not already exist)
  • The head office (usually the address of the establishment)
  • The leaders of the association
  • The purpose of the association (its purpose)
  • The Rules
  • Admission requirements
  • Financial resources

Declaration to the prefecture : The statutes must then be sent to the prefecture for declaration in the official journal of associations. To be done on site or directly online.

Registration in the Official Journal is a compulsory and paying act, the amount of which varies between 44 and 90€, depending on the length of the statutes. Upon registration, the association receives an RNA number and can request other registration numbers if necessary.

After completing these steps, you will receive an association declaration receipt within 5 days. This is a document that proves that your association is well declared. You will find your registration number in the National Directory of Associations (RNA).

After the creation of his student association

Remember to request your SIRET number from INSEE. Send your statutes and the copy of the declaration to the Official Journal. This will allow you to receive public subsidies.

You can then take necessary steps such as:

  • Tax formalities
  • Opening a bank account
  • Subscription to civil liability insurance: the members of the association and its material assets will be covered in the event of problems, especially if you are organizing cultural or sporting events.
  • Occupation of an office
  • The organization of events

Now it’s your turn to shine! Good luck !

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