How to find your roommate?

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For students and young professionals, rent is the main item of expenditure. In France, many of you choose shared accommodation to stay without breaking the bank.

If you too are planning to find a roommate that meets your needs, here are our tips for finding THE good deal!

Your criteria, you will define!

To find the ideal roommate for you, you must first be able to describe it! To do this, answer the following questions:

  • Is the location of my future apartment crucial for my choice?
  • Do I want to live only with students/young workers?
  • Can I live with a senior? A person with reduced mobility? With specific needs?
  • Do I need a quiet atmosphere to revise my lessons? To do yoga ?
  • Is the order very important to me?

The answers to these questions allow you to have a clear idea of ​​what you are looking for from the start, the concessions you are ready to make, etc.

Your announcements, you will heal!

On roommate sites or on Facebook groups, remember to introduce yourself in detail.

Like you, your future roommates want to live with a nice person, with the same interests!

Talk about your passions, your preferences, your activities, your talents… Be yourself, it’s never good to lie to appear cooler. The most important thing is to be honest from the start!

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Your future apartment, you will visit!

You saw it in pictures, you like it and you decided to sign the lease as soon as possible… Not so fast! In fact, it is important to visit your future apartment to see if the location, amenities and general conditions are ok for you. A first contact with the roommates is also necessary to see if the feeling passes between you.

Bring all the necessary supporting documents with you during your visit. If there are several of you looking for a roommate, collect all the documents and give them to someone who will coordinate with the landlord or the agency.

Finally, never choose your roommate under pressure! Takes time to draw up a balance sheet with the positives and negatives. If you have a crush, think about going to the other apartments. In this way, you will validate your choice or you may find even better!

Your contract, you choose!

To live in shared accommodation, a contract is essential. Two types of contracts are possible:

  • The individual contract: each of the roommates signs their own contract with the landlord. A solidarity clause may however be included in all leases.
  • The single roommate contract: a single lease contract binds all roommates. They therefore sign the same contract with the owner.

Where to find his roommate?

Real estate agencies, Facebook groups, word of mouth, specialized sites… Here are some leads:

Specialized sites to find a roommate

Facebook groups to find your roommate

What about home insurance?

All roommates must take out home insurance. It makes it possible to cover any rental risks such as:

  • Fires
  • Water damage
  • The flight
  • explosions
  • Natural and technological disasters
  • Etc.

You must present an insurance certificate when:

  • You sign your lease contract
  • You get the keys
  • You renew your contract if it is an annual contract

Who should take out home insurance?

At least one of the joint tenants must take out home insurance for it to take effect. It may include the names of other joint tenants for rental liability. The premium can be paid by one of the joint tenants.

Each roommate can take out individual home insurance. In this case, it is recommended to take the same insurer to facilitate the procedures in the event of a claim.

Home insurance: is the premium the same for students?

Students can benefit from a preferential rate. The contract and the guarantees vary according to the situation of the student and the type of student accommodation rented.

HEYME offers you some of the cheapest home insurance on the market. From only €34/year, you benefit from extended guarantees for better coverage and your roommates are insured on the same contract and at the same price!

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