How to form new habits?

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That youis certainly already happened! The first week of January, you make a good list of goals to conquer the world and after a few poor weeks, the motivation decrease and the objectives end up in oblivion. How not to give up and stick to good resolutions? This way, the method.

Why New Year’s Resolutions?

The beginning of a new year seems like the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start, which is why the trend is to make resolutions at this time.period. Although this sometimes leads to putting oneself pressuremaking good resolutions allows you to meet new challenges.

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How to keep your good resolutions in 2020 and learn new habits ?

In order to put all the chances of your cohtee to keep your resolutions in 2020 Here are some practical tips:

Choose concrete goals and achievable: every year, millions of people decide to lose weight or play sports during the year. Instead of having a vague goal, focus on a concrete and measurable goal. For example, you can commit to losing 10 kilos or running 5 km a day. Choosing a concrete and achievable goal allows you to plan more precisely how to achieve it!

Reduce the number of resolutions: no one is a superhero so there is no point in having a long list of resolutions, at the risk of exhausting yourself and spreading yourself too thin. Committing to too many goals can be overwhelming in the long run. Instead, focus your energy on a small number of distinct goals that seem most important to you for this year. Others will wait until 2021 or you can integrate them during the year if your previous objectives are achieved.

Don’t wait until the last minute: no matter the goal, planning is key. You must have a written and detailed plan to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve. Write down your goal, make a list of tasks to accomplish to achieve it, and note any obstacles that might stand in your way. Keep this paper carefully, it will allow you to take stock at the end of the year.

Avoid repeating past failures : another strategy to keep your New Year’s resolutions is not to follow the same paths as in previous years! If you chose to achieve the same goals as 2019, consider spending some time evaluating your results. What were the most effective actions? What obstacles did you encounter? Why did you fail? What were the positives? Remember, all victory comes with failure. This is how we learn and how we become stronger!

Change takes time: the bad habits you’re trying to change have taken years to form, so you can’t get rid of them in a few days. Change can sometimes take longer than you want, but it can also be your best ally. Once you commit to a new positive habit, no matter how many failures, the key is to get back up.

Bonus: Apps to keep your good resolutions

banking: an app for economybet money : “Better management of my finances! This may be one of your resolutions in 2020? It is always important to have savings in your savings account to have fun, travel or even pay your taxes. It’s not allobvious days to save, especially when you have the annoying tendency to spend all the time. With the app banking, you will have full visibility of your bank account. Secure, this application also allows you to have an overview of tall your expenses by automatically categorizing them. In addition, the app has an alert system to notify you as soon as your balance reaches a certain amount.

QuitNow: an application to quit smoking : vsThis application helps you quit smoking. It has a counter that lets you know how long ago you stopped smoking or the money you saved.

My Weight Loss Coach: an app to lose weight : IWeight loss is one of the most common resolutions at the start of the year, especially after the excesses of the holidays. If you want to improve your diet and your lifestyle, you can download the Mon Coach Minceur application. The application offers small challenges to take up to regain control while having fun!

Nike+ Training Club: an app for exercising :tu know exercise is good for your health, but the thought of sweating and aching muscles already makes you knower? Download the Nike+ Training Club app! Turn your bedroom into a real gym, with workouts on the big screen screen ! You can choose the physical exercises according to your level and the result you want to obtain. In pRead more, Nike+ Training Club allows you to evaluate your efforts and your improvement.

Habitull: an app to create new habits: pTo be more efficient, make sure you have apps like Habitull on your smartphone! Designed to keep up with your performancedaily routines, habitbull is easy to use with a beautiful interface, reminder notifications so you don’t forget anything and graphs to motivate you to reach your goals!

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