How to make Christmas gifts without blowing your budget?

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Limit costs while pampering those around you… it’s possible!

Just take inspiration from simple and inventive tips or make your own gifts. Here are some ideas and tips to enjoy Christmas without finding yourself eating pasta for 3 years.

And I promise, the magic of Christmas will always be there!

Determine your gift budget

First step, do your accounts and set yourself a budget not to exceed. Write down all the people you want to give a gift to and allocate your money (mom €30, cousin €15, etc.). You will thus avoid unpleasant surprises and last-minute compulsive purchases.

Anticipate the purchase of your gifts

For lack of time, organization or idea, we often postpone our Christmas shopping at the last minute. However, going through the obstacle course to find the ideal gift at the right price is not really easy.

The key ? Start as soon as possible!

At the Christmas period, the brands take advantage of this to display high prices because demand will largely match supply. Know that reductions come before or after but… rarely during!

By starting as soon as possible, you spread out your expenses (which will be much easier to manage your budget) and you will be able to benefit from promotions. Eh yes ! Because to sell off the stocks of goods before the end of the year celebrations, concepts from across the Atlantic have been imported into France: Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday… and offer customers who wish to save money, promotions and sales flash on thousands of products.

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Create your own gifts

We can never say it enough but the most precious gifts are not the most expensive! If you are manual, why not offer homemade and personalized gifts? DIY (Do It Yourself) is very trendy and there is no doubt that you will find lots of ideas and tutorials on the internet, Pinterest, Instagram or Youtube.

Do you like sewing? Start creating a bag. Do you love candles? Buy something to make with it and you can give it to your whole family. Do you do pastry? Prepare little Christmas shortbread cookies and offer them in a pretty box.

Look at used gifts

Habits have changed and you won’t shock anyone by buying a second-hand gift. Whether at flea markets or on resale sites like Le Bon Coin or Vinted, you will find something to please everyone around you. If you have collectors around you, this option is ideal because you can find, for example, collector’s books, vinyl records… or for the youngest, electronic objects that are cheaper but in good condition.

Know that online stores such as Fnac, Amazon or Micromania, now offer second-hand products such as books, video games or toys.


  • Small gadgets: Airpods, an external battery, a smartphone grip ring… high-tech gadgets are often useful, inexpensive and above all trendy!
  • Moments of sharing: A gift is not always a material object! Theatre, cinema, massage… enjoy a moment of sharing with your friends or your family and immortalize by taking photos.
  • Souvenirs from abroad: During your travels, don’t forget to bring back with you some authentic or artisanal souvenirs from your destination, to offer them to your loved ones at the end of the year.
  • Souvenir photos: You will find many solutions on the internet for printing photos (cheerz, Photobox, etc.) in classic, Polaroid or even magnet versions. A good idea to remember the good times past.

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