How to manage your daily life and your student life well by being alone?

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For a large majority of young adults, university is synonymous with autonomy, freedom, emancipation…

Starting a first year of university away from loved ones can be really trying! Here are some tips and tricks that will allow you to calmly approach life on your own.

prepare your departure

The ideal is to be able to visit the place where you are going to live before the big departure. On site, you will be able to locate the nearest shops and services.

Choose the right student residence

Do not hesitate to favor student residences in the choice of your student accommodation. It’s a kind of giant roommate that will save you the famous loneliness of students.

The social aspect should not be the only selection criterion! Safety and comfort issues also need to be considered.

Make sure that the digicode and the elevator are functional, that there is no noise pollution and that a pharmacy is nearby.

Other advantages: the accommodation is fully equipped and furnished and offers several services for students: cafeteria, study rooms, laundry…

Student housing insurance HEYME

Make new friends

Start discussions with new students who are in the same situation as you, this will make it easier and faster for you to bond.

Forming a working group with other students is an effective means of integration, as is membership in student associations. It will be an opportunity to exchange and share while making yourself useful.

Plan group activities

Outside of class and in order to take full advantage of your free time, you can organize group activities.

With your new friends, you can engage in various cultural and sporting activities: theatre, singing, music, meditation, yoga…

Organize outings (cinema, museum, etc.), or trips with friends, for a weekend.

Manage your expenses

Food, housing, transport, leisure… so many expenses that weigh on your budget and that you will have to learn to manage on your own.

Organization is key! Before embarking on unnecessary purchases, note the expenses you will have to face in order to balance your budget. You can also install an app to manage your expenses. The most popular is bankin’.

Do not hesitate to seek financial aid, such as that offered by the Regional Center for University and School Works (CROUS). The scholarship application is made through a procedure called Student Social File (DSE).

Without forgetting scholarships based on social criteria, aid based on merit… Submit your request, according to your profile and your needs.

Find a little job

One student job will be able to ensure you a return of money and a professional and human experience.

It will be important to find the right balance between managing your work schedules and your academic schedule.

Choose a small part-time job, not too restrictive with limited time slots such as support classes or babysitting for example.

Opt for a student health insurance that suits you

Even if student mutual insurance is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended to take out one. It will supplement the reimbursements of social security by ensuring you good protection.

At the house of HEYME We offer you comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs. From €9.90/month, all of your needs will be covered (hospitalization, day-to-day care, pharmacy, etc.) through 4 levels of cover.

You will also have access to the app Mutual HEYME to view your reimbursements in real time, download your student RC certificatefind a doctor nearby…

Additionally, you can use HEYME myreducan app that will direct you to all the good deals by giving you many discounts on many brands such as H&M, Gaumont Pathé, Etam, Foot Locker, Sephora, etc…

I discover !

Take out home insurance

On a daily basis, no accommodation is immune to disasters (water damage, electrical damage, fire, explosion, climatic events, glass breakage, vandalism, theft, etc.).

In the event of moving into a new accommodation, whether it is a studio, a shared apartment, a private room or a CROUS residence, you must absolutely take out home insurance which will allow you to be covered in the event of the occurrence of such damage to your new home.

Home insurance protects both your home and your personal property.

The prices vary according to the formula chosen, the location, the surface area and the number of rooms in your accommodation.

Home insurance by HEYME

From €34/year, HEYME offers home insurance with useful guarantees for complete coverage.

The price varies according to the type of accommodation (room in a Cité U, studio, T, etc.) but remains the same regardless of your age or your place of residence.

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