How to prepare well for the oral admissions?

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Applicants to the Grandes Ecoles of business, engineering, communication or political science, the oral interview test is an essential step in the post-baccalaureate selection process. This ordeal generates its share of stress and stage fright, emotions that are sometimes difficult to channel…

Focus on the golden rules that will allow you to perform during your oral admission interviews!

Fill up on information

Find out as much as you can about the school of your choice and its environment. The specializations offered, the international partnerships, the associative life…

Before taking part in the orals at the Grandes Ecoles, it is recommended to find out about the modalities of the tests.

Through the admission interview, the members of the jury will assess:

  • Your academic level through written tests or general culture.
  • Your personality, your motivation, your projects

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Do not neglect the preparation

Nothing should be left to chance! Preparation is essential and represents 50% of the final result.

It will be an opportunity for you to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, to take stock of your qualities and faults, to structure your future academic and professional projects and to discuss your personal experiences while remaining yourself, above all!

Master the art of presentation

Faced with a jury composed mainly of teachers and training managers, your level of concentration must be maximum.

Your presentation should not rhyme with recitation. Adopt a calm tone when introducing yourself, describe your background by being convincing, natural and honest.

Volunteering, associative life, hobbies… highlight the skills in line with your academic aspirations. This will work in your favor and influence the jury in a positive way.

Assess the time allotted

Confronting the reality of an oral test is beneficial so as not to be caught off guard on D-Day.

To do this, you can call on a specialized coach and simulate the real conditions of an interview, with less stress.

Take into account the advice and remarks during the debriefing to find areas for improvement.

And if you don’t have the possibility of calling on a coach, you can practice in front of a webcam or a mirror in order to analyze your behavior.

Take the lead and show interest

Enthusiasm and determination will have a positive impact on the progress of your oral admission.

Settling for the bare minimum will give the jury the impression of facing a dull personality, without any relief.

Answering the questions by embellishing them with examples or linking them to other interesting subjects will allow you to capture the attention of the jury who will enjoy listening to you.

Give importance to non-verbal communication

Body position says a lot about your current psychological state.

Facing the members of the jury, you have to stand up straight, avoid crossing your arms and smile, but obviously without forcing yourself.

Eye contact is very important, take the time to look at each member of the jury and do not stare at just one person.

Listening to the jury

It is essential to fully understand what you are being asked to answer the questions correctly.

If you don’t understand the question, you can ask for it to be rephrased.

Before answering, take the time to structure your remarks by avoiding colloquial language.

Answer all questions

You should never refuse to answer questions and be convinced of the benevolence of the jury whose sole purpose is to allow you to succeed.

All the questions asked will highlight your skills and analyze your social intelligence.

Avoid generalities and platitudes

Take the time to develop your remarks as much as possible, if, for example, you plan to include a school of living artstalk about the last play you attended, the last musical title that marked you, or the last exhibition you went to.

This will be the time to clearly express and develop your opinions, while taking care to argue well.

Take care of appearance and clothing style

Adopt a sober look, not too flashy, in order to avoid that the jury has negative prejudices towards you. The jeans / t-shirt combo will not be released!

Correct attire does not necessarily mean a suit or a suit, but simply clean and correct clothes.

A shirt, jacket, pants or a skirt, blouse will do.

Question the jury

Few candidates dare to ask questions to the jury at the end of the oral admission interview.

If you feel like it, you can, for example, take an interest in the professional environment of the members of the jury by asking them questions about it, this will allow you to end on a good note and tip the scales in your favor.

Don’t put pressure on yourself

Managing your stress a few minutes before the start of the interview will allow you to start your oral admission in a relaxed way.

If you are well prepared, you will stress less but if you have an anxious temperament you can perform some breathing exercises to relax.

The little extra: the email after the interview

Last tip: after the interview, send an email to the person in charge of the jury to underline your motivation.

In this email, you can insist on your desire to integrate the establishment by explaining what you appreciated during your interview.

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