How to succeed in your first days of internship?

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Landing an internship means discovering a new world: the company. Caught between stress management and the desire to do well, here are some tips that will make your internship integration easier!

Set your expectations

If you want your future internship to be formative, useful and motivating, don’t hesitate to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What position interests me the most and in which sector of activity?
  • What are the missions that will be entrusted to me?
  • Start-up or NGO?
  • In France or abroad?

HEYME Civil Liability Insurance

Find out about the company

Fill up on information about the company that is about to welcome you: its history, its size, its activities, its news and even its organization chart.

In this way, you will be able to better understand the missions that will be entrusted to you and the skills that you will have to put in place to achieve your objectives.

Little tip: to stand out, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your future collaborators on a professional social network, LinkedIn for example, to introduce yourself and ask them a few questions.

Set an example

Do you think no one will care about you? fake. The intern is generally of invaluable help, hence the importance of being exemplary at all times. This also passes through the famous Dress code of the company than by punctuality.

Do not hesitate to identify in advance, the route home-work the shortest and fastest depending on the means of transport you will have to take.

You have to make a good impression, especially on your first day of internship!

Forge links

Reserved or shy? Take your courage in both hands and don’t hesitate to greet the employees.

You are not obliged to detail your CV but simply to specify who you are and your internship mission. Depending on the affinities that will be created, you can also share your passions.

Being accessible will be perceived as a sign of openness, you will gain the sympathy of your future colleagues which will make it possible to create links more easily and accelerate your integration process.

Observe and assimilate

At the start of the internship, you will logically be confined to the role of observer before being able to carry out tasks and missions.

During this period, you can ask your internship supervisor or your colleagues to inform you about the company’s activities and the role of each employee.

Take notes, it will help you memorize the information and prevent you from asking the same question twice.

Investment and involvement

Your internship is an opportunity for you to take your first steps in the world of work, so you will have to devote all your energy to it!

Immersing yourself in the company’s culture will allow you to adopt the right professional behaviors.

Being willing and efficient by performing simple tasks will allow you to obtain more rewarding and empowering missions.

Adopt a proactive attitude

An internship is also the opportunity to bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to the company.

Do not hesitate to be proactive by suggesting new ideas or by proposing the implementation of new work solutions in consultation with your internship supervisor.

Set up reporting

Reporting consists of taking daily notes in order to follow the progress of your missions within the company.

It is also an opportunity to review the quality of your work, your progress, your successes and your integration into the company with your internship supervisor.

It will also allow you to orient yourself towards new professional objectives.

Stay in touch and expand your professional network

After writing your internship reportyou will have to thank all the people who accompanied you, internship supervisor, colleagues…

You can send a thank you letter highlighting each person who has supervised you.

Keeping in touch with your colleagues will allow you to expand your professional network. They may be able to help you in your future job search by validating your skills with recruiters.

Civil liability insurance: compulsory insurance during internships

Required by the majority of higher education establishments upon registration, the student civil liability certificate is also mandatory when signing an internship agreement.

Civil liability insurance covers bodily injury (physical injuries), material damage (damage to objects) and immaterial damage (damage to the integrity of a person or act resulting in financial loss) caused to others, involuntarily whether by inattention, negligence or imprudence during your studies, your internships in France and abroad or during certain daily or occasional activities such as outings, babysitting, home lessons, etc.

At HEYME, how does it work?

For 13 €/year, HEYME Civil Liability insurance covers bodily, material and immaterial damage caused to a third party during your studies, your internships in France and abroad or during the practice of one-off activities such as babysitting or tutoring lessons. If you’re a medical student, so are your guards at the hospital!

Your contract takes effect upon subscription and you receive your certificate immediately by email.

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