I was robbed: what should I do?

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If you come home and your apartment has been broken into, stay calm, be careful and check that the burglars are no longer inside.

File a complaint at the police station

In the event of a burglary, you must file a complaint at the police station or the gendarmerie closest to your home.

Report the theft to your insurance company

In general, the theft guarantee is part of the basic guarantees of your home insurance.

The types of theft compensated by insurers are:

  • Thefts carried out with burglary or escalation
  • Thefts where the burglar was threatening or violent
  • Thefts following a clandestine entry (the infiltration of the burglar in your student accommodation while you are inside)
  • Thefts with the use of false keys (picking using a special tool, real key stolen or lost, etc.)
  • Thefts carried out by attendants (housekeeper, nanny, etc.)

Contact your home insurance company to let them know. You will have to send by mail, the receipt of the complaint and attach to this the number of your contract, the date and the circumstances of the burglary, a description of the damage caused by the thieves.

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Assess the seriousness of the harm caused

  • Gather all the elements necessary to prove the existence and value of the burglarized property such as invoices, warranty cards and photos of valuables.
  • Take photos of the damage caused (fractured doors, climbing marks, etc.)
  • Put in place all possible security measures to prevent another burglary.

To estimate the damage suffered, an expert from the insurance company will come to your home.

How to prevent a burglary?

To avoid theft, you can:

  • Install surveillance cameras
  • Install motion detectors
  • Store your valuables
  • Protect your social networks

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