IN PICTURES – “Slava Ukraini!” : the executed soldier becomes an icon of the Ukrainian resistance

Shot in a video that has gone viral, a Ukrainian soldier is elevated to the rank of hero

Shot in a video that has gone viral a Ukrainian

It’s a video that, despite its violence, has gone viral since Monday. And illustrates the brutality of the fighting in the Donbass: we see a captured Ukrainian soldier, apparently executed by bullets. Since then, tributes have multiplied for this man whose patriotism is praised on social networks.

On the video of a dozen seconds, we see this man in military uniform but unarmed smoking a cigarette. Another man, invisible, said in Russian apparently to a comrade: “film it”. “Glory to Ukraine!” (“Slava Ukrainian!“), retorts the Ukrainian. Immediately bursts pierce him. The man behind the camera then lets go: “Die, you bastard”.

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