In Russia, the unemployed encouraged to come and work in the defense industry

Russia accuses Ukraine of planning an 'invasion' of Transdniestria

Russia accuses Ukraine of planning an invasion of Transdniestria

Russia wants its citizens to participate as much as possible in the war effort. This is why free training to then work in the defense industry will be offered, the government announced on Wednesday, in a sector where the demand for personnel has exploded because of the conflict in Ukraine. The corresponding decree was signed on Tuesday by Mikhail Michoustine, the Russian Prime Minister.

“Citizens looking for a job will be able to take free vocational training or receive additional vocational training for further employment in the enterprises of the military-industrial complex”, the government said in a statement on its website. In total, “more than 700 million rubles (8.6 million euros at the current rate) will be allocated from the federal budget for these purposes, which will make it possible to train more than 12,000 people”, the statement said. Such a measure aims to “to help companies in the defense industry meet the need for specialists, and (allow) citizens to find work more quickly”.

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