Intense fighting in Bakhmout, agreement on cereals… update on the situation in Ukraine

Intense fighting in Bakhmout, agreement on cereals... update on the situation in Ukraine

Intense fighting in Bakhmout agreement on cereals update on the

The city center as a target. Ukrainian Ground Forces Commander Oleksandr Syrsky reported on Monday that assault detachments (of the Russian paramilitary group) Wagner attack from several places, trying to break through the defense of our troops and advance towards the central quarters” of Bakhmout. The general assured that the Ukrainian soldiers “inflicted significant casualties on the enemy” in these clashes. “With the fire of artillery, tanks (…), all attempts to seize the city are repelled”he argued.

For his part, the boss of Wagner, Evguéni Prigojine, recognized that the difficulty of the fights. “The closer we are to the city center, the harder the fighting, the more artillery there is,” did he declare. According to him, Wagner, who has already succeeded in cutting off several important supply routes for the Ukrainian soldiers deployed there, was encountering fierce resistance. “The situation at Bakhmout is difficult, very difficult. The enemy fights for every yard”he noted in a social media post. “Ukrainians throw endless reservations” in battle.

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