Jack Dorsey: the fervent defender of a decentralized Twitter 2.0 takes on censorship

Twitter soon to be revolutionized? – The former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorseycontinues to work for the emergence of decentralized social networks that resist censorship. He had failed with the blue bird, but today he is on the front line to offer an alternative model for content moderation.

Twitter exposed to government censorship

In one ticket on December 13, Jack Dorsey spoke about the issues relating to thedelicate balance between the need for moderation content published on social media on the one hand and the risk of censorship publications on these platforms on the other hand.

Jack Dorsey began his article with a mea culpa, pointing out in particular the twitter weaknesses, when he directed it. He admitted that the social network under his wing and in its current form does not meet the principles resulting from his experiences and experiments: Twitter would not resist the corporate and government control.

Social networks and censorship: Jack Dorsey wants real decentralization
Will decentralization make it possible to build censorship-resistant social networks?

This major weakness of the social network would have pushed the former CEO of Twitter towards the exit. After the entry of a shareholder into the capital of the company in 2020, Jack Dorsey would have planned his departurefeeling unable to exert pressure to demand respect for these principles, in a “public company without any defense mechanism”.

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Crypto keys and signatures for free social networks

For Jack Dorsey, only the original author of the content must have the right to delete their posts. A third party should then not be able to delete or suspend them.

As for moderation, it would be better when it is carried out through algorithms “ranking and relevance”, not by a centralized party. Jack Dorsey also does not believe in the effectiveness of global moderation, but rather advocates a local approach.

Beyond these theoretical aspects which therefore criticize the current model of content management on social networks, in a tweet of December 14, Jack Dorsey also share a GitHub link to a development project of a censorship-resistant open protocolbaptized “Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted”.

This project aims to concretely promote the creation of decentralized social networks, using cryptographic keys and signatures.

Elon Musk could he succeed with Twitter where Jack Dorsey failed? The management style of the founder of Tesla is far from unanimous. But as Vitalik Buterin points out, the bluebird could become awesome or terrible under his guidance.

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