Joe Biden’s surprise visit to kyiv, Chinese weapons… Update on the situation in Ukraine

VIDEO - Joe Biden on a "historic" visit to kyiv: "Democracy is still standing"

VIDEO Joe Biden on a historic visit to kyiv

The call from Beijing… China, “very worried” of the conflict that “escalates and even gets out of control”calls for “promote dialogue”said Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang on Tuesday morning. “We will continue to promote peace dialogue […] and work with the international community to promote dialogue and consultation, address the concerns of all parties, and seek common security.”

…Who assures that he does not want to supply arms to Russia. The day before, the Chinese government had denied considering supplying arms to Moscow, as the United States had indicated. “We do not accept the United States pointing fingers at China-Russia relations, much less exerting pressure and coercion”said a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “It is the United States, not China, that is constantly sending weapons to the battlefield.”

Russia advances near Bakhmout. Moscow said on Monday that it had “completely” took control of a locality located in the immediate vicinity of Bakhmout, a city in eastern Ukraine which Russian forces have been trying to seize for several months. “The volunteers of assault detachments, with the cooperation of airborne units and the support of artillery units […] completely liberated the locality of Paraskovi├»vka”, said the Russian Ministry of Defense. This village is located at the northern entrance to Bakhmout, at the junction of two important roads.

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