Kryptosphere Blockchain Summit (KBS), Volume 2: Making Crypto the Future of France

KRYPTOSPHERE® Blockchain Summit 2nd Edition

After a first edition which met with great success, and the organization regional events regularly, the Kryptosphere association invites the French-speaking blockchain, crypto and Web3 community to its Kryptosphere Blockchain Summit (KBS), on March 24. In perspective, a state of the art of the national industry, prestigious speakers and enough to glimpse a bright future for anyone wishing to play a role in this exciting ecosystem.


Kryptosphere, associations of ideas

Born from a slightly crazy idea in 2017 (almost prehistoric times!), the student association Kryptosphere no longer has anything of the modest local initiative of the beginnings and now brings together more than 700 active membersdispersed in many French campuses and colleges.

Forged around the idea that the blockchain was neither a passing fancy nor just another buzz word, the association defends a certain vision of the emerging industry and nurtures the conviction that the latter can be a powerful vector growth, sovereignty and development for France.

KRYPTOSPHERE® Blockchain Summit 2nd Edition

The majors in the sector were not mistaken, and Ledger to the BPIPassing by KPMG or even the dynamic Meriaa large part of the national crypto ecosystem has come together alongside Kryptosphere to make this new summit a rich moment of exchange and a real platform for the vitality of the sector.

Among the supporters and sponsors of the event, we can also mention tenors (Algorand Foundation), like young shoots of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) like DUSA Labs And CEDE Labsspecialists in taxation and accounting management (HOLD Consulting), or even initiatives working towards a more inclusive and egalitarian crypto ecosystem (HER DAO)…

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The Kryptosphere Blockchain Summit Program

THE Kryptosphere Blockchain Summit will take place on Thursday March 24, 2023, from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m., at theSaint-Martin area 199bis Rue Saint-Martin 75003 Paris France. The ticket office is already open on the official website.

Saint-Martin area
The Saint Martin area

The price of the ticket (90€) includes:

  • Access to 6 round tables
  • Breakfast
  • The buffet & cocktails

Note that a student rate of €35 is also offered.

And because we can talk about the future of Decentralized Finance between professionals, while enjoying good deals, the Journal du Coin offers you a 30% discount on the official rate with the code JDCKBS.

Round tables and speakers

Around broad themes, 6 round tables are offered to the public, 4 of which have already been revealed:

  • Blockchain innovation in France
  • blockchain education
  • Fundraising in the Blockchain sector
  • Linking DeFi to the real economy (Future Of France)
Speakers during the Kryptosphere Blockchain Summit

A large panel of speakers will debate these founding topics for the future:

  • Charlie PERREAU, head of the start-up department, Les Echos newspaper;
  • Sébastien BORGET, COO, and founder of The SandBox;
  • Owen Simonin, popularizer and entrepreneur;
  • Nicolas BACCA, Head of Innovation at Ledger;
  • Mickael CANU, co-founder and CEO of Ternoa;
  • Julien BOUTELOUP, founder of StakeDAO and StakeCapital;
  • Marc ZELLER, founder of AAVE;
  • Gaspard PEDUZZI, founder of APWine;
  • Ivan de LASTOURS, crypto and blockchain manager BPI France;
  • Marguerite de TAVERNOST, Ledger Cathay Fund;
  • And more than a dozen prestigious panelists and speakers!
Kryptosphere Blockchain Summit Schedule

Despite sometimes gloomy market conditions, the crypto sector remains animated by a unique dynamism. The announced success of this second edition of the Kryptosphere Blockchain Summit will clearly attest to this again!

Winter is a great time to build and learn! Take advantage of the second edition of the Kryptosphere to train yourself, the Journal du Coin offers you a 30% discount on the official rate with the code JDCKBS.

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