KYVE launches its mainnet and decentralizes data

KYVE Network offers data using a so-called data lake technology that it deploys on the Cosmos network

The management of data and their validity, with the essential requirement of simplified access, are major issues for the implementation of Web3. An exercise in style in which the KYVE project and its “data lake” is seen as a solution for the future. Last step completed: the official launch of its mainnet.


The KYVE data lake, a strategic challenge for blockchain technologies

Blockchain technology is known for unparalleled information protection. Unfortunately, this reality still too often comes up against issues of openness to the outside world. Thus, the need to get perfectly accurate and decentralized data becomes a major challenge increasingly complex for developers, data-scientists and builders.

an infernal spiral the KYVE project transforms into virtuous evolution. This is to avoid the proliferation of dangerous inconsistencies, often the source of major scalability issues. A solution based on an optimal decentralized validation system, whether to access data on chain Or off-chain for free. This is thanks to a validation process without a trusted third party.

Launch of KYVE Mainnet Mainnet

Until now, the KYVE project relied on two separate test networks. The first of the name of Korellia, launched a little over a year ago, was based on an incentive principle in order to federate a community around the construction of this project. The goal is also to launch a real bug hunt thanks to this tool deployed in real situations. With, as a non-negligible means of motivation, the programmed distribution of 20 million $KYVE tokens in the form of rewards.

The second network, also intended for testing, is called Kaon. And its usefulness comes down to testing all the applications that will then be deployed on the mainnet that has just been officially launched.

KYVE has the potential to initiate many innovations in terms of data. Indeed, it allows developers to outsource their collection, storage and retrieval to the KYVE protocol without a trusted third party. Today the launch of the KYVE blockchain Cosmos SDK marks an important milestone and we couldn’t be more excited to support this community with our infrastructure and expertise.

Felix Lutsch, commercial director of Chorus One

KYVE Network offers data using a so-called data lake technology that it deploys on the Cosmos network
With the launch of its mainnet, KYVE promises to provide reliable and accurate data

In the facts, the KYVE network relies on “downloaders” whose role is to collect data from reliable sources. The goal is to store them and submit them to storage pools for validation by “validators”. Validated data can then be viewed free of charge by consumers. This is to integrate them into building decentralized applications (dApps) “without the need to trust KYVE or intermediaries.”

KYVE Mainnet went live on March 14, deployed using the Cosmos SDK. A Proof of Stake (PoS) solution of type layer 1. With an internal division between a layer dedicated to the chain (Chain Layer) and another specially designed for protocols (Protocol Layer). Each benefiting from “its own infrastructure of nodes”.

KYVE Mainnet: making data a public good for a future without trusted third parties

With the launch of this Mainnet, the KYVE project therefore takes a more official turn. And this implementation allows it to provide a fully functional version of its “non-trusted data solution for Web3 developers”. In addition to its Data Pipelineaccessible in a public beta since December 5, 2022. And with the expected next steps, the official listing of its cryptocurrency $KYVE, . All this in parallel with the launch of the first pools of its “data lake” (date lake). A roadmap recently presented on their medium.

With KYVE, we aim to make data a public good for a future without a trusted third party. (…) Anyone who works with data shouldn’t have to worry about its integrity or the obstacles they might face when trying to access it.

Fabian Riewe, co-founder and CEO of KYVE

The launch of this KYVE Mainnet initiates the march towards the effective decentralization desired by the KYVE team. An additional step hailed by the many historical supporters of the adventure. Major players in the ecosystem, such as the NEAR network, Interchain Foundation (Cosmos), Arweave, Avalanche, Solana, etc. Thus, the Data Lake established on the Cosmos network is getting a little closer to its final objective, become the benchmark for data access in a completely decentralized way. All you have to do is try it out!

To not miss any of the latest information about KYVE Network, do not hesitate to join the french telegram channel as well as the medium of the team.

Last Verdict

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