Ledger Stax: pre-orders are open for NFT holders

Staxellent news! – Since yesterday, pre-orders for Ledger’s new technological nugget have been open for Ledger Stax NFT holders. Against the backdrop of the FTX disaster and loss of confidence in centralized exchanges, the timing is perfect for the launch of the new product of self-custody by Ledger. All the details.

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Ledger takes aStax to mainstream democratization

A few days ago, aficionados of Ledger keys, and more generally all investors wishing to protect their cryptos, could get their hands on a « Ledger Stax NFT Bundle“. A combination of two NFTs available on the [L] marketthe NFT Marketplace of the Ledger company. The first gave access to pre-orders for this long-awaited new Ledger with complete peace of mind. Without fear of out of stock. The second, meanwhile, ensures that its holders obtain a NFT from the “Art on Ledger Stax” collection, available from March 2023.

The first pre-orders of Ledger Stax on the website are reserved for holders of a particular NFT.
The famous Ledger Stax can be pre-ordered by NFT Ledger Stax holders

Ledger Stax, available from April 2023

Now, a first step has been taken. Indeed, the proud holders of the NFT can, since yesterday, proceed to the pre-order their Ledger Stax. This will reach them as soon as the first availabilities are available in April 2023.

The announcement was also relayed on Twitter. The holders of “Ledger Stax NFT Bundle” will also receive a magnet for assembling the Stax Ledgers together. This is in order to, for example, bring together all the Ledger Stax of the family or simply those associated with different functions: custody of crypto for one, of NFT for the other.

This new Ledger product with a design similar to that of a smartphone will be available in early 2023.
New Ledger Stax product coming soon – Source: Twitter

These new Ledgers are all about maneuverability and ease of use. Through this new evolution of their product, so it’s easy to guess that Ledger now wants to tackle the general public. For this, their engineers have been able to develop a product that is pleasant to look at. Without disrupting our habits by getting very close to our inseparable everyday companion: the smartphone.

The Ledger Stax has just been revealed. Pre-orders are open and it is very likely that success will be there. To be sure of being delivered within a reasonable time, it’s time to book your new digital safe by going to only on the official Ledger website (commercial link).

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