Letter bombs to the Ukrainian embassy and to Pedro Sanchez in Spain: a suspect arrested

Terrorism: Russia suspected of remotely guiding Spanish far-right groups

Terrorism Russia suspected of remotely guiding Spanish far right groups

“Members of the national police arrested on Wednesday a man, of Spanish nationality, in Miranda de Ebro (North), considered to be the alleged author of the sending of six letters containing explosive material addressed at the end of November and the beginning of December (. ..) at the Presidency of the Government, at the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain or at the Embassy of the United States in Spain”, said a spokesperson for the ministry in a written message. A police source told AFP that it was a 74-year-old retiree.

On November 30, the letter addressed to the Ukrainian ambassador had slightly injured the hand of the security officer of the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid when it was opened. Letters had also been sent to the Minister of Defence, to an arms company manufacturing grenade launchers donated by Madrid to kyiv at the start of the Russian invasion or to an important Spanish military base. Spanish justice had opened an investigation for alleged acts of “terrorism”, while kyiv had ordered a reinforcement of security in all its representations.

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