L’Expresso du Coin: Bitcoin to the moon

To read from the corner of the eye! – L’Expresso du Coin, the series dedicated to those who are in a hurry. A quick read, for beginners and experts alike, to entertain you over a coffee. little stories, crypto vocabulary And news in order to educate themselves while having a good time. In today’s Expresso we will relive thebull run exhilaration and maybe even catch ourselves hoping, you never know, that this one takes us to the moon.


History around the corner

6 p.m. on the beach in Boca Chica, Texas – Elon Musk walks his new dog, the little chihuahua Donald, during his Sunday walk.

Photographed by a paparazzi, this altogether banal ballad turns into a real storm on the other side of the world. A world of curves and graphs invaded by avid speculators. It is a storm of volatility in reality that is pouring its green candles into the crypto market. The latter, powerless to resist, exploded upwards in this prosperous period of bull market madness.

One of these crypto nuggets stands out among many others with this +1000% in 2 hours. A crypto that carries the sweet name of CHIWAWA obviously. Where Elon goes, speculators pass away… or amass (it depends).

Attracted by these quick wins, Twitter users in full FOMOconvert their bitcoins into CHIWAWA tokens.

“This crypto is going to overtake Bitcoin! says one, filled with confidence.

“Already in the top 10 of CoinMarketCap in less than a week! exclaims another.

“To the moon! “, reply in heart the comments of enthusiastic investors under the tweets.

In this general madness, all these budding speculators do not see the red candles, however substantial, slowly starting to pile up… After all, Elon Muskhe was just walking around.

Crypto speculators enjoy shouting "to the moon" when the price of Bitcoin soars.
“To the moon”: an adage to be wary of when it is tirelessly repeated

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In a corner of the head – To the Moon

“To the Moon” or rather “Head to the Moon” in our good old French. An expression regularly used on social networks like Twitter to translate a general enthusiasm of speculators. Exaggerated enthusiasm whenfast and powerful value capture of any crypto or more generally of the crypto market as a whole. This reflects the desire of investors for the price of a cryptocurrency to continue its mad flight, its appreciation, until perhaps “touching the stars”… or even the moon.

However, just as markets don’t go down ad vitam aeternam, neither do they go sky high. There always comes a price for which large carriers, more commonly known as “whales”Or “whales” in English, will sell. Eh yes ! Those who hold large amounts of said crypto are bound to take their profits sooner or later. And when these big drops of tokens pour into the markets, most of the time, the latter turn around. Very often, moreover, when these famous “to the moon”.

Stay in the Corner!

“To the Moon” wouldn’t this be where the crypto market is heading straight in this troubled period, after this more than surprising spin that the Bitcoin price has just operated in recent days? For its part, the traditional market, and more particularly the banking sector, seems to be failing. Following the crisis of Silicon Vallkey Bank, the loss of confidence is spreading like wildfire through the banks whose prices are falling violently. To the point for traditional stock exchanges to temporarily stop trading on several occasions. A bloody fall of which no one this time don’t wanna buy the dip.

In general, it is essential to be wary of the general sentiment that is pouring out on social networks. Indeed, the markets are there to help a minority of players win, often those famous “whales”, in favor of the majority. So when she starts screaming “to the moon”beware! It is probably that the future, shortly, will show him thatshe was wrong.

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Last Verdict

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