L’Expresso du Coin: how to give back your coin?

To read from the corner of the eye! – L’Expresso du Coin, the series dedicated to those who are in a hurry. A quick read, for beginners and experts alike, to entertain you over a coffee. little stories, crypto vocabulary and news in order to educate themselves while having a good time. In this Expresso, we tackle the thorny topic of money!

History around the corner

Richie Comcresus has everything he has ever wanted: a magnificent villa with an incredible view of the turquoise waters of Lac d’Or, a host of employees at his service, a gigantic swimming pool and above all a amazing art gallery.

Still, Richie is not happy. He is even subject to deep depression. Indeed, he has been looking for years for his masterpiece, the ultimate work that will complete, like a jewel, his countless paintings and sculptures.

Ballad in Trocamadour

On a beautiful summer afternoon by the Silver River, Richie is walking along the bank. He observes with an attentive eye the multitude of budding painters who try to put down on paper the wonders of nature. Indeed, today is held the Annual Painting Festival of the city, the perfect opportunity for Richie to finally unearth the rare pearl.

His eyes suddenly fall on the work of Claude Sanlesou. The latter, an unknown artist, wearily finishes his painting on which the meanders of the river lie before him. Claude sighs. He hasn’t been able to pay his rent for two months. It will not take long to be ejected manu militari from the accommodation. He is definitely not in luck.

For Richie, it clicked.

“My good sir, I need your work. She will be the jewel of my gallery.

Claude, taken aback, turns to him.

– Well, I see no problem. But understand that I took time to draw it. I cannot give it to you.

“My prize will be yours,” Richie exclaims enthusiastically.

– What have you to offer me in this case?

Richie, suddenly caught off guard, searches his pockets. For lack of having taken anything precious with him, dazed as he is, only the key to his house emerges.

– Thin ! All I have on me is the key to my home.

— Sold!, replies Claude Sanlesou, grabbing the key.

Surprised at first, Richie shrugs and grabs the painter’s canvas, proud of his new acquisition. Claude, meanwhile, will no longer have to worry about paying his rent.

Money has gone through many iterations throughout history, from barter to today's greenbacks.
Currency, a medium of exchange safeguarding the fruits of our labor

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In a corner of the head – The currency

Money appeared very early in the history of civilization, as people quickly needed to exchange goods. the barter ended up finding its limits because of the problem of the double coincidence of needs. It’s hard to find someone who has exactly what you want and needs exactly what you’re selling, at the same time and in the same proportions. We arrive at absurdities, such as exchanging a canvas for a house.

Over the centuries, gold therefore imposed itself as a solution transfer intermediary. An unalterable material, rare, difficult to produce, divisible, almost useless, except for its function of store of value exactly.

In addition to its characteristics of medium of exchangea currency must be a means of conserving over time the value of one’s work, of one’s expenditure of energy, but also be a account unit in which to express all other goods. Recently, however, gold has been abandoned in favor of paper money, fiat currencies, such as the euro and the dollar, which only have value in terms of the trust society places in them. A piece of paper is worthless in itself. It is only paper that financial authorities have a hard time preventing themselves from printing as they please.

Stay in the Corner!

Beyond its current speculative character which frightens the media, Bitcoin has all the qualities to one day fulfill the currency function. In addition to being an interesting tool for financing the energy transition and renewables, even if the relentless hype has so far succeeded in creating the opposite sentiment in public opinion, Bitcoin is an alternative currency on which it is not not uninteresting to operate a DCA (Dollar Cost Average)as discussed in the previous Expresso du Coin. Just in case, our financial institutions start messing around with the currency. Do we ever know ?

Bitcoin is an alternative proposition that evolves in parallel with our current banking systems. Another choice given to the population at a time when those of our financial institutions are increasingly questioned. And what better way to start a DCA than a bear market period ?

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Last Verdict

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