L’Expresso du Coin: When prices go down, buy the dip!

To read from the corner of the eye! – L’Expresso du Coin, the series dedicated to those who are in a hurry. A quick read, for beginners and experts alike, to entertain you over a coffee. little stories, crypto vocabulary And news in order to educate themselves while having a good time. In today’s Expresso, we seek to deepen this psychology of crowds which consists in buy the dip.


History around the corner

May 2025 – In the midst of the bull run, a rallying cry echoes through the crowd of investors with each drop in our favorite assets. Everywhere on Twitter, Jonathan Corrunpeu sees the countless “buy the dip”.

“This is the last drop before the up-only exclaims one of his favorite influencers.

“Load the mule, the retrorockets are on”

“The train is going to leave” exclaims another.

Each time, Jonathan takes his savings to buy back a little more crypto each time the market drops. And it works ! To him the million, he is convinced of it.

May 2026 – In the midst of the downturn, doubt is making life difficult for many investors. Everywhere on Twitter, only one question arises. Bear market or no bear market?

Jonathan, he has the morale in the socks. There buy-the-dip technique does not work anymore. He continues to buy the dips, but the price of his favorite cryptocurrencies continues to fall, leaving him no opportunity to take his profits.

May 2027 – Crypto prices are at the bottom of the abyss. It’s dead calm, both on the Bitcoin market and on Twitter notifications. The prolonged bear market got the better of the euphoria, and has done so for a long time. The famous dips are shallow while the price rises quietly, almost discreetly, in the most total indifference.

On Twitter, there’s no one left to shout buy the dip. But that, Jonathan is not even aware of. It’s been a long time since he watched what’s happening on the Crypto Twitter.

Investors who have arrived in the middle of the crypto bull run are often fooled once the bear market comes with buying techniques that suddenly turn out to be ineffective, such as buying the 'dip'.
“Buy the dip” blindly is not always the best idea of ​​the century

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In a corner of the head – Buy the dip

“Buy the dip” or buy the drop in French. A sentence whose echo resounds in our ears most often during bull market phases. When investor enthusiasm is at its peak. Behind this maxim, a principle: buy whenever the price of your favorite crypto drops. Because in an uptrend, all dips, in effect, become buying opportunities. But this is no longer the case when prices begin to plummet for a prolonged period. The challenge here is to always recontextualize the evolution of the market within a more global trend.

In addition, in a downtrend, it is above all necessary to protect your capital, and above all not to “buy the dip” precisely, because the following drop will be even stronger. This is the mistake many newbies make at first. bear market phases. A bear market whose prolonged decline has only one goal: to forever disgust these investors who are so enthusiastic about buying again, during the real rise, this famous “dip”.

Stay in the Corner!

buy the dip will we soon be able to do it directly with our Kraken bank account? Frightened by the sanctions of the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission), banks dare not put the slightest toe in the crypto sector. Never mind, Kraken, in full arm wrestlingalso against the American regulator, announced soon to launch its own bank.

Buy it dip can be an investment technique if properly framed. But it is not an infallible technique, far from it. It is necessary, in fact, to succeed in taking a step back from the courses and not to hope that the latter goes in a straight line to the moon.

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Last Verdict

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