LIVE – Ukraine: Washington says “not to encourage” Ukrainian strikes in Russia

LIVE - Ukraine: Washington says "not to encourage" Ukrainian strikes in Russia

LIVE Ukraine Washington says not to encourage Ukrainian strikes


Three letters containing “animal eyes”, addressed to Ukrainian diplomatic representations in Spain, were intercepted on Monday, we learned from a police source, a few days after the explosion of a letter bomb in the Ukrainian Embassy in that country.

“The security services of the postal services detected and intercepted three suspicious letters this morning, addressed to the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid and to the country’s consulates in Barcelona and Malaga”, indicated this source, who specified that these envelopes did not contain “explosive substances”, but “animal eyes”.

“In their characteristics, these shipments are similar to those received last Friday by the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid, as well as by other consulates and embassies of the country in other European cities,” the source continued.

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