LIVE – War in Ukraine: Berlin and Washington on the verge of announcing the dispatch of heavy tanks to kyiv

Ukraine: Germany looses ballast on the tanks, the Russian army tries a breakthrough... Update on the situation

Ukraine Germany looses ballast on the tanks the Russian army

“Discussions must end with decisions.” Volodymyr Zelensky again urged Westerners on Tuesday to take a stand on the delivery of heavy tanks to Ukraine. “The allies have the required number of tanks” necessary for the Ukrainian army to overthrow the troops in Moscow, declared the head of state in his daily address, hammering that “needs are greater” that “five, ten or fifteen chariots”.

Under pressure for days, Germany opened the way on Tuesday to an authorization for allied countries to deliver Leopard heavy tanks insisted on by kyiv, promising to respond “with due urgency” to a request to that effect from Poland. In the evening, two German media, the daily Der Spiegel and the NTV news channel, even assured that Chancellor Olaf Scholz would give the green light, probably on Wednesday. “Germany sends Leopard tanks to Ukraine”even indicated on Twitter the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP), member of the ruling government coalition.

The German leader, who is due to speak on Wednesday at midday before the lower house of the German parliament, would also give his agreement to countries, including Poland and Finland, which wish to deliver Leopard 2 tanks to the Ukrainian authorities.

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