LIVE – War in Ukraine: Russia wants to recover the American drone, the United States is investigating

One year of war in Ukraine: from Azovstal to the letter Z, the primer on the conflict

One year of war in Ukraine from Azovstal to the



Russia has said it wants to fish out the American drone it is accused of having crashed in the Black Sea and which it believes proves the involvement of the United States in operations in Ukraine. Washington announces on its side to investigate the motivations of Moscow in this incident.

On Wednesday evening, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said one of the causes of the crash was the “strengthening” of American spy operations. “The causes of the incident are the non-observance by the United States of the restricted flight zone announced by Russia and established as a result of the conduct of the special military operation (in Ukraine), as well as the reinforcement intelligence activities against the interests of Russia,” said the minister, quoted in a press release from his ministry.

“Russia does not want such a development of events but it will now react proportionally to any provocation”, adds the text.


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