LIVE – War in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin accuses NATO of participating in the conflict

Ukraine, attacks against the West… What to remember from Putin's virulent speech to the nation

Ukraine attacks against the West… What to remember from Putins

“They are sending tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine. This is really participation”. In an interview broadcast on Sunday February 26, Vladimir Putin directly accused NATO of taking part in the war in Ukraine. On the Rossiya-1 channel, he said: “This means that they are taking part, albeit indirectly, in the crimes of the kyiv regime”. According to him, Western countries have no “only one goal: to destroy the former Soviet Union and its main part, the Russian Federation”.

At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky once again promised on Sunday that his country would recover Crimea, a peninsula annexed in March 2014 by Moscow. “Nine years ago, Russian aggression began in Crimea. By reclaiming Crimea, we will restore peace. It is our land and our people, our history”he launched on Telegram.

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